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SandSpot Pakistan – Reviving Traditions in an Urban Way

SandSpot Pakistan - Reviving Traditions in an Urban Way

SandSpot Pakistan – Reviving Traditions in an Urban Way:

The fashion industry has been growing exponentially. Every season has brought about new cuts, textures, and whatnot in the name of the latest trends. Moreover, fast fashion has made such huge waves. Everyone has become a victim of it in pursuit of keeping up with the world around. Similarly, we Pakistanis have such rich traditions, but unfortunately, we have lost our connection to our roots.

However, there are still few people in touch with this heritage. one of these people is Gulzaib, an online retailer of SandSpot – Reviving Traditions in an Urban Way of traditional attires accessories so much more. She aims at reviving the tradition.

We at HubDaily have interviewed her to know more about her and her e-business. Are you excited to learn more? Keep reading.

1. Please give a brief introduction about yourself?

I am Gulzaib Khatri. A biochemist by profession. The story of my brand and I are interrelated actually.

“In a world full of trends, I want to remain a classic.”

This is where the story of my brand “Sandspot Pakistan” came into being. I like keeping myself close to our traditions.

2. What is your venture all about?

The idea behind this brand is to make the youth connect back with their roots and make everyone rock their cultural identity.

3. When did you start?

I started the venture on 13th April, 1st of Ramzan. Hence, it’s an online business based in Karachi Pakistan.

4. Your Instagram Tag line says you are ‘Reviving tradition in an urban Way’. How so?

We are selling handcrafted items and traditional textures fused with a modern vibe.

5. What was your motivation behind starting this startup?

I was observing our youth getting detached from our own traditions, All they assumed as a traditional dress was a basic shalwar kameez. Additionally, they are influenced by western wear and their stuff. I wanted to introduce our classic art and textures to attract them towards our traditions with a modern look. Therefore, I came up with Sandspot Pakistan “Pakistani mitti ke rang.”

6. Where are you based? Do you cater to international customers?

Yes, we do cater to International clients. I have received an enormous response up till now. I have loads of stuff still to bring back in this urbanised world. ♥️

SandSpot Pakistan – Reviving Traditions in an Urban Way: Find them on Instagram @sandspot.pk

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