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    Sarim Burney Trust is in Search For Jiya’s Guardians

    The Foundation aims to find Jiya's family to send the child into a safe environment.


    Sarim Burney Trust is in Search For Jiya’s Guardians:

    It is a common practice for wealthy people to keep marginalised children for house help. The parents or guardians of these children are given an upfront yearly salary. However, these underaged house helpers suffer extreme hardships and violence at the hands of so-called educated and learned employers.

    Jiya Faced A Similar Fate:

    Jiya belongs to the area of Vehari. The village is called Machiwal. Moreover, Mr Khairat Ali is the owner of the village. Jiya’s village is a small area, but it has the facility of education in the shape of Former Literacy School. Sadly, thirteen-year-old Jiya was sent to Karachi city by her paternal aunt after losing both her parents.

    What does The Trust know About Jiya?

    Jiya has two other siblings. One is a ten-year-old brother Azam Raza, and the other is a sixteen-year-old sister. All siblings are doing different jobs and are placed separately. At the mention of her Azam Raza, Jiya started crying unintentionally. the poor girl expressed that she misses her brother and has not seen him in 18 months.

    Furthermore, Jiya’s family still resides in the areas of Sanyariwala and Nanja. Jiya stated that her uncles’ names are Nasir and Gulzar, who live in her house. Therefore, by finding them, Jiya and her siblings can move back with their family.

    Jiya’s Current Location:

    Currently, Jiya is living at the Sarim Burney Trust’s shelter home. It is because the family she worked with made her life unbearable. Therefore, the Foundation aims to find Jiya’s family to send the child into a safe environment.

    Sarim Burney Trust is in Search For Jiya’s Guardians. So, if our readers have any information about Jiya’s family, feel free to contact Sarim Burney Trust. The Trust’s contact numbers are 021-111-955-855 and 0310-822-2267.

    Cases Like Jiya’s Needs Public Attention:

    To conclude, it is the dream of every child to live a positive and happy life. Nevertheless, there are very few kids who can fulfil this dream. With Sarim Burney Trust, there is hope for such kids. A proper lifestyle can make up for any misfortune these children have to go through.

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