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Syeda Rubab is Sweetening Lives with her Venture Called MITHAS


Syeda Rubab is Sweetening Lives with her Venture Called MITHAS:

On this auspicious occasion of Mothers Day, The Hub Daily is celebrating Motherhood with those Moms who are the source of motivation for thousands of mothers around the globe by depicting their success stories to the world and acknowledging their efforts.

So let’s have a look at the success journey of a very phenomenal young MOTHER of a bit of angle and an entrepreneur:

Syeda Rubab:

A Human resource specialist, Photographer, Blogger, Entrepreneur, Mother, and the founder of her venture named “MITHAS”.The way she manages her house, job, child, family, and “MITHAS” altogether is commendable. Syeda Rubab lives in CANADA, and her creativity and passion for cooking led her to establish “MITHAS” three months ago.

You can watch her video, sharing the story of the successful journey she has been through to reach this point that now she can become a source of inspiration to many women out there.


How did your venture got initiated? How it all started?

I started “MITHAS” three months back. What made me cringe “MITHAS” was my passion for cooking since childhood. I used to see my Mom cook dishes and serve them with a good presentation and always heard her saying, (Even if you are making daal-chawal, help them with good presentation, so the person eating food should also feel good). Watching her cooking and hosting dinners and lunches, I became fascinated and started cooking at a very young age.

PC: Syeda Rubab

I got a lot of appreciation from family, friends, and relatives. When I moved to Canada a year back, I was bored as I had a lot of time on my hand. Fortunately, I secured an excellent job in HR (Human Resources), but then I wanted to create something of my own, and with the immense support of my husband, I started this venture called “MITHAS”. Initially, we had only two items on our menu that is, Panjeeri and Nan-khatai. But with the immense success of these two items in a month, we added twenty-five more dishes to our menu. So far, MITHAS has been a fantastic journey for me.

You can check out her page at the link below.


Source: MITHAS

Source: MITHAS

Being a Mom Blogger, what are the Pros And Cons? If any mom would like to become one? What would you be suggesting to her?

As for Pros, I got a lot of exposure. I got to know new people. I also had bitter/sweet experiences that helped me to learn and improve. It also keeps me sane since it is my hobby, and I have something in the hand to do solely for myself. When we talk about Cons, not all these are the same. I do burn out.

It seems challenging at times: managing my home, job, child, and “MITHAS”.But in my opinion, to thrive, you need to have a great support system that will be there for you by all means and lend you a helping hand whenever required. I am lucky to have my Husband by my side. Without whose support, I wouldn’t have come this far.


Honestly, it will be challenging, but then, life is not a bed of roses. Determination and Will are what will keep you going. You will have good days, and you will have bad days, but all you need to keep in mind is your aim.

  • Where do you want to see yourself?
  • Have you reached there already?
  • Do you want to move forward?

Keep asking these questions to yourself and listen to what your heart says.


Please tell us about your little one too. Our readers would love to know about your angel.

So we had our little bundle of joy last month. She decided to make her entry into this world while we were busy completing and delivering “MITHAS”  orders daily. It is now two babies that I am looking after. One is this business venture that I’ve put my heart and soul into; another is my daughter, who is my constant driving force, my buzz of energy.

Lastly, any message you want to convey via our platform to all the mothers out there?

On this account of Mothers Day, I would like to say to all Mothers out there: as you embrace motherhood, you are reborn as a woman. The only difference is that it makes you stronger. Take it as a gift from God and utilise this strength to reach your goals. Motherhood is not an end to your freedom. It is the beginning from where you lost last time. Welcome it with open arms and move forward with your strength and your bundle of joy by your side to keep yourself progressing.


We are full of gratitude and appreciate Syeda Rubab that she managed to co-operate with us despite having a hectic schedule and provided us with the opportunity. She exhibits a motivational story of her, which can significantly influence other mothers who are thinking of starting their ventures but cannot do so for some reason.

We wish her all the luck and hope for more accomplishments in her future endeavours. You can visit her page at the link below.


We always feel pleased to share such stories of accomplishment via our platform that can encourage others. If you like this article, please like and let us know in the comment section below and check out more of my work by clicking on the link below.

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