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Sheherbano Naqvi – A  Passionate Writer and An Idealized Poet

Shehrbano Naqvi

Sheherbano Naqvi: A Passionate Writer and An Idealized Poet!

Art is discovered, created and studied in the most powerful manner throughout the world. From an artist’s perspective, even the tiniest of elements or molecules hold the concept of art within themselves. In a painter’s gallery, in a child’s sketchbook, in a designer’s clothing line and a writer’s blog, art is the expression that is recurringly seen.

Among the art of all kinds, poetry is the fascinating one. In search of the best writers or social media, the HubDaily member came across a writer whose writing had the power to weaken a person’s bones and to strengthen their heart at the same time. We are honoured to introduce Sheherbano Naqvi.

The Truest Meaning of Poetry:

Poetry is considered among the very complicated parts of the writing industry. Not everyone has the power to play with words in a way that the written piece reaches the depths of someone’s heart. Poetry has been written, felt and understood for generations. In today’s world, to find out such fascinating writing is hard. However, when the HubDaily member asked Shehrbano Naqvi about the things that she loves regarding poetry, she responded beautifully:

Poetry is a medium that can be intimidating and inviting for the same reasons. Its lack of rigidity when it comes to ‘rules’, manipulation of language and structure, and the plethora of rhetorical devices always made it seem too intimidating to effectively convey anything I had to say while maintaining the artistry. However, perhaps it’s the lack of rigidity and ability to be more playful, making it that much more inviting.

It gives you the room to explore what you want to express in several ways, and it gives you the space to be as implicit and as explicit as one may want to be.

Not only is that room liberating for an artist that turns to her craft for catharsis and expression and healing, but it’s also liberating for us as readers. The room created allows space for ambiguity that blurs the bounds of space and time and instead will enable us to come together and connect.

A poet might express themselves in a poem by sharing a specific incident unique to their lives that led to them feeling a certain way – but feelings themselves are universal. Regardless of what led to us regarding a certain way, those lines are blurred when we find a connection in someone else’s expression.

Their words resonate with us, where we connect with the emotion they share, where their human experience reflects our own human experience, too – that is where the room to be ambiguous serves us.

In that blurry space where specific details cease to be necessary, we find a connection with strangers across time and space and that feeling of solidarity that arises by sharing a few vague poetic lines. That is where the beauty of poetry lies.

The Right Connection With The Right People:

The right kind of poetry can help a person experience the truest meaning of levitation, fascinating and understandability. A writer’s words are read, yet they are felt at the moments of deepest despair or the at the events of unexplainable happiness.

To be understood and to be connected is something every person wishes for. However, to be understood by a stranger in more ways than one can be nothing but heavenly. This experience with Sheherbano Naqvi was beautiful, heartwarming and peaceful. We wish her all the good there is in the world in her future for sharing her beautiful journey with us!

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