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The Newest Invention in Technology – Smart Glasses

The Newest Invention in Technology - Smart Glasses

The Newest Invention in Technology – Smart Glasses:

Smart Glasses is the newest invention in AI technology which won Huawei’s Global ICT Competition. Multinational company Huawei is organising the ICT (Information and communication technology) competition globally since 2016, co-hosted by UNESCO.  Although 2020 was a bittersweet year for most of us, this competition elaborated the natural talent of almost 150,000 students from all around the globe with the theme “Connection, glory, future.”

There are two tracks of this competition:  Network and Cloud. Their practice competition examines students’ ICT knowledge and hands-on skills, whereas the innovation competition examines their innovation skills and their capabilities to use AI and IoT technology. As I have written in my previous article that Pakistan has its sign language app, our nation is not behind in anything, whether special education or Artificial intelligence. You can read my last article below in case you have missed it.

An all-new meaning of PSL!!! other than Pakistan Superleague

Pakistan’s Achievement In ICT Competition:

Yes, you read it right! Students from the universities of Pakistan participated in it but WON the ” Network Track” in the practice competition in the middle east region. Two teams comprising of students from NUST (National University of Science and Technology, Islamabad), MUETPK ( Mehran University Of Engineering and Technology, Jamshoro), BUITEMS (Balochistan University of Information, Technology, Engineering and Management Sciences), and Virtual University participated.

pic courtesy: Twitter Huawei middle east

Even our second team won third prize in the practice competition. It won a cash prize, Huawei Matebook laptops, smartphones, and an opportunity to work in HUAWEI Pakistan. However, they did qualified for it, but they didn’t participate in the Global competition after being the best in the region.

The Global winner of the ICT 2019-2020:

Around 327 students participated in the global final. The winner of the Global ICT competition in innovation and technology was an all-girl group of three young women from Singapore (Singapore Polytechnic) for designing Smart Glasses for people dealing with Alzheimer’s or memory issues, winning the TECH4ALL Social Contribution Award.

Alzheimer’s, Dementia and NCL:

Alzheimer’s (commonly known as dementia) affects a person’s memory. It’s an irreversible brain disorder that progresses with time and destroys the brain functioning so much that a person has problems carrying out the simplest tasks. The earliest onset of this occurs around the old ages, like 60 plus age, but this varies from person to person. While many of us think that it can only happen to old age people, but that’s not true. Young children with NCL (Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis) disorders can also have dementia as these disorders affect and damage the nervous system. NCL disorders usually consist of dementia, vision loss, and epilepsy.

How will AI technology help us in future?

There are many inventions worldwide developing as I am writing this article with the use of AI(Artificial intelligence) and AIoT (Artificial Intelligence of Things). These inventions will help to improve human-machine interaction and enhance data and analytics.

Smart glasses, also named “Forever-Smart Glasses”, are designed for people dealing with memory issues to help them recognise their loved ones. Powered by Huawei Cloud, these glasses have an app named “THE HELPER” to help them. In addition, these glasses will have inbuilt GPS tracking and picture tracking chips which will tell out loud if a person they see is someone they know. The GPS will enable it to track their locations if they get lost and send message alerts to their family and relatives about their whereabouts.

We are currently living in the best of times if we look at technology and development around us, and competitions like these enable our youth to be a part of the change they wish to see in the world. If you like this article, do give me your valuable feedback in the comment section below, or reach out to me if you want me to cover an issue.

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