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Professional Week – The Sweet Rack Company

Professional Week - The Sweet Rack Company:

Professional Week – The Sweet Rack Company:

The sweet rack company is a brand run by a young owner, Saud. The quality of food items is excellent. The owner really puts a hard effort into making all the desserts and cookies we love. Furthermore, Saud is bringing you a wide variety of delicious desserts. From cheesecakes to brownies, you can get all of it at your doorstep. Check them out for happy, fun, and enjoyable desserts.

Please introduction yourself.

I am Saud, and I’m currently a student at LSE. I studied at SCAFA for my culinary education. I went there for an introductory course, but as the business (The Sweet Rack Company) progressed, I went there again a year later to complete my professional practice.

How did the idea come about of starting this venture?

The company came into existence in 2018. However, the brand got more validation and recognition with time.

Where does “The Sweet Rack” currently operate from? And what are your plans for expanding your business?

We operate currently from the New Garden Town, Lahore. Further, we have a delivery-centric business as of yet. Nonetheless, we will be looking forward to opening retail soon.

How important do you think is social media in promoting your business?

Social media plays an essential role because, since the beginning, Instagram has been a primary platform for showcasing our desserts. We have garnered the majority of the clientele from social media platforms.

Where do you get your inspiration for working hard and moving forward?

Honestly, inspiration comes within ourselves when we see the appreciation, progress, and love we receive from our customers. It motivates us when we see that a lot of people encourage us to strive for even better.

What advice would you give to people who want to start a business of similar nature?

Stay patient and trust the process. Come up with new ideas, and do not be afraid to test them out. Believe in yourself and aim to achieve the best.

What do you think are the essentials for any good sweet?

With practice, trial and error, you will be able to learn many things. Technique and knowledge matter a lot. Also, you will get better with practice and time.

What was the recent sweet recipe you tried? How did it go?

The Sweet Rack Company made the Lotus Biscoff cookie. Also, it turned out to be pretty good.

What do you expect from your Sweet Rack business in the future?

Professional Week – The Sweet Rack Company: Moving on, I would like “The Sweet Rack Company” to be a renowned brand. Moreover, we are looking forward to brand validation. We believe that as the business grows, we will have great opportunities to expand further and improve.

Click to connect: Insta@The Sweet Rack Company.

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