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Who is Umair Jaliawala?

Umair Jaliawala
Umair Jaliawala

Who is Umair Jaliawala?

Umair Jaliawala is one of the most famous personalities of Pakistan. He is a renowned motivational speaker, trainer and entrepreneur, and he motivates a person through his energetic, powerful sessions. Umair Jaliawala is considered one of the famous and compelling speakers who has transformed many people’s lives.

Umair Jaliawala - Pic By Rise Up
Umair Jaliawala – Pic By Rise Up

Early Life and Education:

Umair Jaliawala was born in a Memon family in Hyderabad. He completed his education at St.Bonaventure’s High School. Furthermore, he moved to Karachi and secured admission to DHA Degree college. Moreover, he enrolled himself in the Institute Of Business Management to study BBA. In addition to this, after graduation, he started his professional career.

Professional Life:

His professional experience revolves around many different companies. He worked with British Council, UNICEF, Qatar Foundation. Moreover, he was the president of the school of leadership and foundation. Umair Jaliawala was also an Executive Director for Trainers Resource Group.

What Makes Him So Different?

As a trainer, he is very successful. He managed to train people from national and multinational organisations. Due to his skills, he helped a lot of people to achieve his goals. He helps a person with his physiological and business insights. He allows a person to have a broad vision, give them the perfect tools to achieve the desired goals, and groom and mature a person’s mind.

Umair Jaliawala provides the person with the correct path and mentors them till he achieves the desired goals. He is a role model for the youngsters of our country, and he is an inspirational figure to all. Umair isn’t only helping to accomplish individuals goals, but he is also helping to build a better community. Through his enthusiastic words and powerful sessions, he is changing many people’s lives in our society.

Learn more about him on https://www.linkedin.com/in/umairjaliawala/?originalSubdomain=pk.

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