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Candid Chat with Disability Rights Activist

Disability Rights Activist

Candid Chat with Disability Rights Activist:

Zarghoona Wadood is a Disability Rights Advocate from Quetta Balochistan.

Do you know what Disability Rights are? What are Disabled people’s rights? Disabled people have the right to proper education, training, have placement services, and have medical aid, rehabilitation, and treatment. People with disabilities are exposed to violations of their rights worldwide on different occasions in their lives. They face social stigma, bullying, and discrimination which affects their self-esteem and lowers their mental wellness.

Today we will talk about disability rights with an advocate who is known for her services for disability rights from Quetta, Balochistan.

Zarghoona Wadood:

Wadood is a disability rights activist, Founder/Director of “INCEPTION”, an organisation that focuses on Women with Disabilities Rights. Academically, She holds a Master’s degree in English Literature as well as an L.L.B graduate.

I contacted her to speak with us to have an insight into disability rights and how it all works. You can check out her video at the end of this article while you can also read out what she had shared with us below as she answered some of our questions:

When did you thought that you need to do something for people with disabilities? What was the thought behind it?

I had this thought when I was studying law. I realised that when there are so many laws and constitutions made for people. Then there would be some laws for people with disabilities which we haven’t heard of till now, or people don’t have awareness about them. That was the first thought that I had in mind.

I came across UNCRPD, and when I looked into it, I realised that we have a document in our country. Through which we can learn about our rights and enlighten ourselves on how we can implement them. And about the stakeholders for people with disabilities with whom we can connect.

Please share with us some details about the organisation “INCEPTION”, the initiatives you are currently associated with, the motto behind it, and the accomplishments so far!


There are many initiatives under the umbrella of my organisation on which our team is working. Still, the leading industry we are focusing on is a susceptible subject of “Reproductive health”. I was the first DPO of Pakistan who highlighted this issue in society through different activities. Though it is still a susceptible subject and it is one of the fundamental human rights, we would like to highlight it further.

We organised a film-making workshop with people with disabilities. Usually, you would have seen on different forums that whenever someone is talking about disabilities, there is a cliched sad aura created for the video. It is very distressing to see, and people should realise that we are far beyond what is in front of the camera. Many people in our society can even misuse this as a source of income too.

The third initiative I like is “THEATRICAL PROGRAM”, which was organised by women with disabilities. They managed it and designed and participated in it, which gained a lot of praise. It highlighted our major issues like accessibility, mobility, education, and health. So these are the successful initiatives that we have done in the past few years.

The Motto of INCEPTION:

Our motto is to ensure the inclusion of people with disabilities in every sector of our society. We need to be part of every department. At times, I am told by people that inclusivity of people with disabilities is a mandate of social welfare.

I can’t entirely agree with this as,

Disability rights are human rights, women with disabilities have Women’s rights, children with disabilities have Children’s rights.

So we need to have representatives in every sector of society. We need people who can talk on behalf of our community. We believe in the slogan,

Nothing about us, Without us

What hurdles does your organisation face usually when it comes to groundwork?

A. When we talk about ground reality, they are many hurdles that we have to face. Because at times, we have many subjects and issues on which we have to work on. Although we have very creative people around to work with us but still when it comes to implementation, unfortunately, we have to face financial restraints. Lack of financial resources is the main issue we use to meet when implementing ideas into reality.

Lastly, Please share your future aspirations with us? Where do you see yourself and your organisation in the next few years?

I want to be a part of politics because unless we are in the policy-making of our country, we can’t bring good change. We need to be a part of the policy-making team, the role of making legislation to make proper reforms that can help us implement change in our society.

Other than that, I want my organisation to become the best organisation in the coming future.

Whose work would be visible on ground reality and which would be the most organized firm in Balochistan when it comes to serving people with disabilities.

I hope that I would be able to achieve my future goals and continue my work ahead. You can check out the video below:

The HubDaily thank Ms Zarghoona Wadood – the Disability Rights Activist, who joined us for this fantastic interview. People like her are an inspiration to many others. We wish her all the luck in her future endeavours.

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