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How Fast Foods Can be A Poison for Your Gut Microbiota

How fast foods can be a poison for your gut microbiota
How fast foods can be a poison for your gut microbiota

How Fast Foods Can be A Poison for Your Gut Microbiota:

Being fascinated by the west in every aspect, our food choices are also changing. One of the most unhealthy meals becoming common among us is your favourite fast food. This time before ordering a meal, know how fast foods can be a poison for your gut microbiome.

Unsurprisingly, fast food has now become ubiquitous as it suits our modern lifestyles. What we eat impacts our gut microbiome. The fast-foods may have a disturbing effect on your gut microbiome.

What is the Gut Microbiome?

Most of us do not know what the gut microbiome is and why maintaining it in good form is essential. The human microbiome consists of trillions of cells comprising bacteria, viruses, and fungi. An enormous population of the microbiome is present in our gut. We call it the gut microbiome or gut microbiota.

This microbiome is living with you since birth. It is vital to human health. Every individual harbours a unique mix of species in his gut. The microbiota holds importance for immunity, nutrition, and effects on behaviour and the brain. A disturbance in the average balance of the gut microbiome can cause some diseases.

What does the Gut Microbiome do?

Our stomach cannot digest the fibre present in our food in our stomach. The gut microbiome feeds on this fibre, producing beneficial molecules for us. So eating an adequate amount of fibre and probiotics seem to be enough for happy, healthy gut microbiota.

On the contrary, the fast-foods are high in calories, salt, fats, processed meats, and refined sugars. Also, they are low in nutrients and fibre. So the fast foods are no less than a death sentence to the tiny creatures in your gut. They do not prefer fast food even if you do!

How fast food affects gut microbiota?

A diversity of good bacteria residing in your gut ensure a healthy gut. A greater variety of microbes in the stomach is achieved by diversity in diet. A healthy diet rich in plant and whole foods along with adequate nutrients helps the good bacteria grow. Whereas preservatives, processed foods, and food additives are harmful to our gut microbiome. Regularly consuming fast foods can harm your gut in the following ways.


All of the fast foods contain contents that are high in calories and fats while low in fibre. Such a diet immensely disturbs the balance of the microbiome in your gut. Consequently, this can deplete the good bacteria that grow in our gut and produce fatty acid chains such as butyrate. Fast foods also contain an abundance of sodium and excess sugars.


Research showed that diets rich in fats could alter the gut microbiota, thus affecting our metabolism. The diversity in gut microbiota may be linked to energy extraction from food and its storage. Evidence shows that healthy gut microbiota increases our metabolism, whereas unhealthy gut microbes can help store fats. There are many different types of fats with varying effects on our bodies.

Most of the fat found in junk and fast food are unhealthy fats like Trans fats. They are known as partially hydrogenated oils. Moreover, trans fats are abundantly present in fast foods. Our body uses other forms of fats. It does not require trans fats. Instead, their presence can cause inflammation.

Immune system:

Fast foods can also affect our immune system negatively. What we consume has an impact on our gut microbiome, which interacts with the immune cells. Eating fast foods excessively can increase our intake of salts, fats, and sugar. These can induce inflammation and diminished immune function.

Read about some food suggestions for a healthy gut.

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