Home Covid-19 Is Moringa A Super Green Food to Protect from Coronavirus?

Is Moringa A Super Green Food to Protect from Coronavirus?

Is Moringa A Super Green Food to Protect from Corona?

Is Moringa A Super Green Food to Protect from Coronavirus?

We know that due to Coronavirus disease (COVID-19), various health crises and economic downturns increase day by day. The main protease (mpro) of sars-COV-2, which plays a vital role in viral replication, is one of the enzymes of a life cycle, making it an appealing medication target.

Three-time simulations of 100 ns molecular dynamic and Virtual screening results have been done to identify potential SRS-CoV-2 Mpro inhibitors from the available Moringa compounds. Because COVID-19 has no specific treatments, a new challenger has emerged to identify possible successes in developing a new therapy.

Moringa, also known as Malunggay, is one of the most healthy trees globally, providing a plethora of benefits. It is referred to as a “miracle tree” (super green food) because all of its parts are useful, particularly for its nutritional, pharmacological, and water purifying properties. It contains a diverse range of amino acids, anti-ageing, nutrients, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory properties that can help with improving nutrition and immunity.

When our immune system is weak, it means it gets an open invitation for infections like coronavirus or several other diseases like cancer or heart disease. Super green foods boost your abdominal and overall gut microbiome health, which leads to 85% of the body’s immune system is vital.

Why is Moringa beneficial in the coronavirus?

With the novel COVID-19 (coronavirus) communicate a disease to many, people are looking to increase their immune systems. We require our bodies’ resistances to be as strong as potential. How is it possible to do this? Moringa is a fast-growing tree commonly known as the drumstick or horseradish tree, but we would prefer to refer to it as the miracle tree due to its food value and medicinal benefits.

From leaves to roots, the Moringa tree is edible in every portion and is rich in nutrients. Moringa leaves contain 90 nutrients, including 47 essential antioxidants and nine essential amino acids. In areas of malnutrition, Moringa founds in an iron context.

But wait, there’s more! Moringa leaves contain 23% protein, the plant’s highest protein content, in addition to a rich nutrient profile. Furthermore, Moringa leaves are a vital source of approximately 24% fibre. When Moringa leaves dry, they contain

  • Nine times as much protein as yoghurt
  • Three times as much vitamin A as carrots
  • 12 times as much vitamin C as oranges
  • 15 times as much potassium as bananas

It’s no wonder that Moringa is often called a superfood.

How does Moringa help to boost the immunity system?

An excellent immune system keeps bacteria, toxins, and parasites out of our bodies, whereas a weakened immune system makes us more susceptible to chronic infections and diseases. Moringa is a powerful booster of immunity, one of its significant advantages. Its high antioxidant content also strengthens and prevents infection in the immune system.

The leaves of Moringa Oleifera also have a lot of iron, vitamin A and vitamin K. All this is necessary for the proper functioning of the immune system. Moringa leaves have demonstrated anti-cancer properties, and research on the properties of both breast and colon cancer cells is ongoing. All superfood helps your immune system frequently.

However, moringa is unique as it contains a high amount of antioxidants, nutrients, and vitamins. Moringa contains, as previously mentioned, the following high vitamins: A, C, and amino acids. Moreover, high levels of vitamin C have a tremendous antioxidant influence by increasing antibody creation and thus immunity.

Wrapping Up:

Moringa, as you can see, is a very effective tool to improve your immune system. Vitamin A not only keeps your organs running smoothly but also protects your skin, making pathogens more complex to penetrate. Since the immune system consists of proteins, it is essential to use sufficient protein to maintain its proper functioning. These are just some of the many nutrients in the moringa. Try to take moringa daily in smoothies, or add it to your diet and protect from viruses. Stay Safe and Get Vaccinated!

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