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Cyber Harassment in Pakistan – Victimization of Young Minds

Cyber Harassment
Cyber Harassment

Cyber Harassment in Pakistan – Victimization of Young Minds:

The toll for internet users in the world is at an all-time high. The majority of the people in Pakistan use the internet. While doing so, they tend to post their pictures or share their impressions online. Social networking provides multiple ways to connect across the globe anonymously or exclusively.

Here comes the snag of the internet, which even costs lives sometimes. We refer to cyber harassment with multiple titles like trolling, cyberbullying, and humiliating individuals with inappropriate behaviour.

The National Conference of State Legislature defines cyberbullying with different terms such as cyberstalking and cyber harassment. Cyberstalking uses electronic media and social sites, generally showing harmful acts, even threatening or portraying malicious actions.

Cyber Harassment:

Usually, we define cyber harassment as nonthreatening, which is why it carries from cyberstalking. Cyber harassment is usually related to uncontested content, such as threatening or harassing through messages or websites dedicated solely to distressing an individual.

Harassing Female University Students:

People conduct surveys to sightsee that how female students undergo cyber harassment within their campuses. Hence four universities of Sindh with 120 female students show that 45% of women receive threats and blackmails more often. At the same time, they lack reporting to higher authorities because of family pressure which may term this as immoral.

Yet, young ladies prefer to ache in silence while risking their academic life along with mental health. This study also points out law enforcement authorities neglected the current laws of cyber harassment.  Thus, separate bodies need to be set up to prevent cyber trolling in their own country.

Law of Pakistan on Electronic Bullying:

Given below are the laws related to cybercrime.

Prevention of Electronic crimes Act 2016:

This law states that whoever holds fraudulent intentions or tracks your social sites shall be punished with three months imprisonment along with a fine which may extend to 50 thousand rupees. This act provides penalties for cyber-terrorism and the spread of electronic forgery.

To report a case, we lodge complaints with the National Response Center for Cyber Crime (NR3C) FIA, along with investigation. Once we identified evil-doer, they end up with legal inquiry and subsequent sentencing. You can call the helpline’s number 0800-39393 9 am-5 pm.

The rise in Toll of Suicides:

The growing trend of suicides is increasing in Pakistan over eight years. There are multiple reasons why parents scold their children. Some examples are failures in exams and online threatening by groups of people or individuals. It leads to disturbing their mental peace, and students acquire such ways that lead to the death of young ones.

Tips to prevent cyberbullying:

  1. Use of neutral email addresses.
  2. Passwords need to be 12 characters with symbols.
  3. Be aware of red flags, for instance, where do you reside or contact details. (avoid them)
  4. Be cautious when meeting internet friends. If you choose to complete, select public places or take your friend.

Cyber Harassment in Pakistan – Victimization of Young Minds: Cyber harassment became a social and cultural stigma. If we do not follow actions and strategies, then this threat will continue to plague the world.

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