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The Anxious Mind: Emerging Stress with Novel Coronavirus


The outbreak of this unprecedented virus has turned human lives dreadfully. All-day long, staring at the wall and sitting in front of the screens leads to frustrations that eventually lead to stress and discomfort. Not only this, but the graph has ranked so high when it comes to psychological problems faced by individuals in this pandemic.

Countries are struggling hard to lower down the spread of this virus by acquiring new testing techniques and implementing lockdowns so that virulence can be limited. The major reason for psychological problems comes up when a person bears the brunt of isolation and quarantine.

Who is more likely to face anxiety?

Mental Stress of Online Classes:

Not to lie, but accepting this transition phase is quite difficult for parents and students. Each day schoolchildren chants for exams to be conducted online while others show full support for on-campus classes. Not meeting with your friends and not attaining their desired grades provokes their mental illness.

Health Workers:

Risking your life for the sake of your people is indeed a huge blessing and awards itself. At this time, the amount of love and appreciation health practitioners receive is fully justified. However, along with stress emerges. Is it okay to not see your child for days? Lying on hospital floors? Each ambulance siren brings another call.

Local People and Job loss:

For a daily bread earner, the lockdown brings massive hardships. Due to lockdown, either people are losing their jobs or played with low incomes which can cause them stress. According to International Labor Organization, around 25 million people could be deprived of their work.

How to be stress resilient?

Family Time.
Book reads.
Journal making.
Online courses.

By following these few self-preserving techniques, we can calm our anxious minds. Let’s pray for the end of this pandemic while not hitting hard your nerves. Be stress-resilient, not a stress practitioner.


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