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What Are the Different Types and Benefits of Tea?

What Are the Different Types and Benefits of Tea?

What Are the Different Types and Benefits of Tea?

So, here is another new day with the same old routine, and you feel bored, exhausted, and inactive the whole day. Well, no need to be lethargic from now on. Here are the different types of tea you can make that will help to reduce laziness, anxiety, and depression. Tea provides many benefits to the body. In addition, it allows you to feel joyful and active. While drinking tea, you can feel delighted with every sip, and the best part is that it can consume at any time of the day. Tea lovers celebrate International tea day on May 21st.

We all know that black tea and green tea are two basic types of tea. Here is the list of different kinds of tea other than black tea and green tea that will help to improve the health of your body and mind.

White Tea:

The concept of white tea was originated in China. This tea is slightly processed. Caffeine is used in minimal amounts in this tea, and it is also free from all the supplements. Young and unopened buds with silver fuzz are dried to make white tea. Moreover, white tea has many health benefits. It helps to kill the bacterias inside the body and boosts the immune system. Furthermore, it helps to decrease colon cancer. White tea also assists in lesser down cholesterol levels and blood pressure.

White tea

Oolong Tea:

Only 2% of the population of the world consumes oolong tea. It is the traditional tea of China. The colour of the tea leaves varies. Therefore it can be brown or green. Oolong tea is beneficial for health as well. There are many vitamins and minerals in it that strengthen the body. It helps to prevent diabetes. Similar to white tea, oolong tea also protects against cancer.

What Are the Different Types and Benefits of Tea?
Oolong tea

Fruit Tea:

If you are avoiding caffeine and want to drink something refreshing, fruit tea is perfect for you. Many different fruits are added to make this tea. There are many varieties of fruit tea, such as raspberry tea, peach tea, blueberry tea, strawberry tea, etc. Fruit tea helps to maintain cholesterol levels and prevent having heart issues. Further, it stabilises the sugar level.

Fruit tea

Flower Tea:

Flower tea consists of a bunch of dried leaves that are folded with dried flowers. Rose tea, lavender tea, chamomile tea, and linden flower are all different types of flower tea. Many skills are required to prepare this tea as it is not easy to make and therefore given another name, artisan tea’.It is very beneficial for health. However, it is the best antioxidant and provides a natural glow to the skin.

What Are the Different Types and Benefits of Tea?
Flower tea

Pu-erh Tea:

Pu-erh tea also came from China. It is an exceptional kind of tea because it provides an earthy flavour to people. Pu-erh tea is extracted from leaves of ‘Wild old tree’. The colour of the tree can be green or black. According to research, Pu-erh tea helps to reduce weight. Moreover, this tea also helps to improve the level of cholesterol and eliminates cancer growth.

Pu-erh tea

Jasmine Tea:

Jasmine tea is mixed with the fragrance of the jasmine plant, which makes it flavorful. It gives many health benefits. Jasmine tea not only helps to improve brain functions but also refreshes the body and mind. Additionally, It also reduces body weight and has no side effects.

What Are the Different Types and Benefits of Tea?
Jasmine tea

A single cup of tea in a whole day makes people delighted and productive. Tea would make you feel lighter and better. You can make different types of tea for your loved ones as it is a symbol to bring your friends and family closer and spend a great time together.

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