Understanding life and it’s technicalities:Life is a very short journey to understand its technicalities and the purpose of our creation. During this excursion, man has to go through many ups and downs.

Many moments of happiness are attributed as “GOOD TIMES” and all the moments of griefs and sorrows as “BAD TIMES”. Shortly we can say that life is a mixture of both good and bad experiences. Bad times can be passed only by acquiring a positive attitude, patience, and hope. Our positive attitude allows us to find the solution to our problems.


Life is the name of continuous struggle from birth to grave. Every sphere and stage of life have their own technicalities. Such as Financial, emotional, religious, regional, social, political, and Global technicalities.

Man will have to take patience and use the knowledge and wisdom to understand these technicalities. After understanding these technicalities, he can take better decisions and create ease in his life. Islam also guides their followers to remain optimistic and patience during the time of sufferings. There is no hard and fast rule to understand the metaphors of life.

  • Belief in yourself
  • Be optimistic and patience
  • Think before you speak
  • Surround yourself with positive people
  • Get maximum knowledge about your surroundings
  • Develop a habit of reading
  • Stop over thinking
  • Polite and kind behavior
  • Being grateful for the things you have
  • Use everything in moderation
  • Strong spiritual connection 
  • Stop being materialized
  • Start giving attention to your family and friends
  • Get good company
  • Try and try again until you get your desired thing
  • What is gone is gone
  • Everything happens for a cause

Do not get depressed and despair during difficult times. As per the teachings of Islam , one should remain optimistic during times of sorrows and suffering and grateful during the time of joy and pleasure.

In Islam, despair is a great sin. This means Islam stresses obtain a positive approach. There are many examples in human life which explain the importance to remain optimistic. Human survival against a hostile environment and the prophets’ struggle to preach Islamic teachings are examples. In the modern world, the menace of global warming, poverty, inflation, terrorism, hunger, and depletion of natural resources are some of the biggest threats the world is confronting.

All of these threats can be countered through a positive and optimistic approach.

It is very difficult to live a happy life. Because we get lost in this world and forget about our real purpose of existence. This life is nothing more than a test. It test our behaviours with people.  Whole of our life is based upon socialization. We should be very careful while interacting people.

Many of us;especially  our young generation is frustrated, and impatient. They have no aim in their life. Capturing selfies and spending most of their time on social media are their favourite hobbies. And we being elders always criticize them for not doing anything.

Hoping and having Patience is good, but you guys should make opportunities for yourself on your own. Do not sit idle. Work hard and don’t forget humans  are Superior creature.


Use your wisdom and institution to understand life and your special power that Allah has given you to do unexceptional things. Do mistakes hundred times but don’t do same mistake again.

My message to you all is

Keep learning, keep learning and keep learning.

Read this beautiful poem of Shelly. It will encourage you.

When life is getting you down, and you need a little hope.
Look deep down inside yourself, and you’ll find the way to cope.
When life is getting you down, and you need a little love.
Go to the person whom you are the closest, as the rest they are above.
When life is getting you down, and all you need is a laugh.
Find the friend that makes you smile, they may even be your staff.
When life is getting you down, don’t allow it so.
Change the way you think of life, and life will be better, you know.
When life is getting you down, don’t sit and mope
Take action and always have hope.
When life is getting you down, take time to pray
Don’t allow yourself to frown God will help you see the blessings of the day. https://www.wow4u.com/page8.html


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