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Growing Terrorism within Developed Nations

When you stop people from following their religion, how is it possible that the suppressed people will not react?

Growing Terrorism within Developed Nations

Growing Terrorism within Developed Nations:

The beginning of the 21st century was not too good for the world. It is because there was a spread of terrorism in almost all parts of the globe. At the start, terrorist activities were confined to third world countries like Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq and Syria. However, nowadays, terrorism is spreading in developed nations as well.

It is an alarming situation because terrorist activities are increasing day by day. The people in developed countries are feeling the pain of losing a loved one. Furthermore, some are suffering from lifelong injuries. In response, different kinds of steps are taken by the various nations.

Attack on World Trade Centres:

After the attack of 9/11, Ex-President George Bush announced the war against terrorism globally. The United States of America started a war against terrorism with the invasion of Afghanistan. Additionally, the intentions behind the attack appeared to be fighting terrorism. They fought against the terrorist. Nonetheless, these attacks took many innocent lives in the process.

After Afghanistan, NATO forces invaded Iraq. The same intentions were behind the invasion. To put it simply, they could not found much-hyped weapons of mass destruction. Moreover, the Americans captured oil and gas reserves in Afghanistan. Resultantly, many civilians were killed during the war against terrorism.

Terrorism Was Not The Only Reason for The War:

An ulterior motive instead drove this war. These wars had been ostensibly against terrorism to pretend the world. However, the actual purpose was to influence the weaker countries and capture their resources. This war was not to eliminate terrorism. Factually, this war was to extract the resources to serve the American economic interests.

These wars act as the fuel to the fire in the aspect of terrorism. Afterwards, terrorism spread in the whole world. Not only third world countries are burning, but the developed nations are also feeling the heat. Developed nations have set different policies for different purposes, but these policies are just for third world countries.

Developed and Developing Countries Have Different Strategies:

The justice of developed countries is selective. It is a slave of their economic and political interests. They developed policies against WMDs’ development and usage. However, these countries are not acting upon these policies. When a Muslim state or a third world country does not act upon it, developed countries term it a terrorist state.

America and other countries also have the most extensive stock of WMDs. Where developed countries build nuclear weapons or WMDs for their defence, they impose sanctions on developing countries. Factually, this hypocrisy of developed nations can indulge different groups or different nations in terrorist activities.

Muslim Is Not A Synonym For Terrorist:

Not every Muslim needs to be the terrorist. Similarly, not every terrorist belongs to a Muslim country. Other groups have indulged in terrorist activities. For example, in the USA, black Americans are indulged in criminal and terrorist activities. They are involved in such activities mainly because of discrimination.

There is growing terrorism within developed nations. In the past, black Americans were considered slaves due to discrimination at a high level. Therefore, it pushed them to become terrorists. The USA has recently seen a rise in mass shootings that involved blacks and marginalised communities. In Canada and Switzerland, Muslim girls or women cannot wear the veil in public areas.

Flawed Policies Lead to Terrorism From Muslims:

When you stop people from following their religion, how will the suppressed people not react? Unthought of policies cause frustration among the people. Furthermore, this leads them to go for terrorist activities. The incidences of terrorism in Europe manifest that people are rising against selective justice and discrimination.

It is believed that many Muslim countries are associated with terrorist activities. There are several reasons behind this. When NATO invaded Afghanistan and Iraq, Israel attacked Palestine towns. Israel’s forces killed many innocent civilians. Conclusively, this barbarity caused frustration and hatred in the hearts of Muslims. As a result, pressure groups in Muslim societies took it upon themselves to take revenge.

Muslims-borne Terrorism Is A Reaction To Developed Countries’ Actions:

As a result of injustice, these pressure groups become terrorist groups. They started propaganda against developed countries. Now they are executing their planning and getting success in conducting terrorist activities. Every terrorist involved in terrorist activities does not belong to Muslims.

Some people are using the label of Muslims and destroying their image. No developed country is fighting against terrorism. It is just a tool to wreck other countries through terrorism. Different countries are sponsoring terrorism in other countries. It would not be wrong to say that invasions in Muslim countries were to extract natural resources.

The Crux – Growing Terrorism within Developed Nations:

During the Cold War, America created the Taliban. Nevertheless, when they felt the Taliban’s threat, America named them as the terrorist. Therefore, every country is fighting for their interest by keeping aside the interest of peace. Terrorism is a deep-rooted and widely spread problem. The solution lies in the cooperation of all countries and communities.

Developed countries are involved in developing countries through proxy wars. Additionally, they are sponsoring terrorism in other countries. They should strictly refrain from this. Proxy wars cannot stop terrorism. Moreover, the people in developed and developing countries will continue to feel the heat. As a result, the problem has become a lifestyle.

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