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Imran Khan; “Absolutely Not”

Imran Khan

Imran Khan; “Absolutely Not”:

“Pakistan Will ‘Absolutely Not’ Give Bases To The US For Afghanistan Operations.”

Prime Minister Imran Khan has categorically refused to provide the United States military bases for operations in Afghanistan.

In an interview with foreign TV, Prime Minister Imran Khan clarified that no one would be allowed to use Pakistani land for any action in Afghanistan. We can’t give the US military bases in Pakistan for operations in Afghanistan.

Don’t Expect Pakistan To Host United States Military Bases:

Recently, there were reports in Pakistani and foreign media that Pakistan was providing land and air routes to the United States, which the Foreign Office also denied.

Earlier in his address to the Senate, Shah Mehmood Qureshi said that he would explicitly call the news of “US bases in Pakistan” baseless.

He said that the US military base would not be built in Pakistan with Imran Khan’s government. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Imran Khan has once again urged world leaders in the face of growing Islamophobia that hates speech and extremism on social media should be cracked down on, and hate spreading websites should be cracked down on internationally.

Some international leaders and Western leaders do not understand this issue. Freedom of expression is limited as long as other human beings aren’t offended by this. In an interview with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) in London, Ontario, he expressed these views regarding the growing incidence of Islamophobia and targeting Muslims.

After this interview, the hashtag #AbsolutelyNot is trending on other social networking sites, including the microblogging site Twitter.

Twitter users said that Prime Minister Imran Khan, showing bravery and courage, flatly refused to provide military bases to the United States.

Prime Minister Imran Khan has presented his blunt statement. After this statement, the life of Prime Minister Imran Khan may be in danger, but he did not support the United States. Still, he showed courage by refusing to give any military base to the U.S, which was not the case with any Pakistani ruler before today, which is why the American journalist was also surprised by Imran Khan’s straightforward response.

On Twitter, the captain’s followers said that showing eyes to the Super Power will be no less of a threat to a leader like Khan, but Khan promised that he does not allow the nation to bow down to anyone.

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