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Killing Of Hazara Community In Balochistan

Killing Of Hazara Community In Balochistan

Killing Of Hazara Community In Balochistan:

Since the peace process in Afghanistan is moving ahead, this action of different groups in this region occurs with time to destabilize this peace process and create the rift between the parties involved in this process. The borderline Afghanistan border connected with Balochistan is the crucial route for these groups to attack.

Recently, another episode in this area has been carried out by them. This area had remained disturbed for the last 50 years except when the Taliban ran their government in Afghanistan. In 1974 different rebellion groups established their camps in this area, but in 1977 they were all wiped out.

Role of Non-State Actors:

America and India train these groups in Afghanistan after the arrival of Americans. They have mutual understanding and policies to destabilize this area with different methodologies. One of the policies is to create and spread sectarian riots by constantly attacking the people of 1 or 2 particular sects like they just did in Balochistan by killing the Coal mine workers in Mach. These workers belong to the Hazara community. For two reasons, this community is an easy target for these rebellion or terror groups to attack.

The first reason is they have unique facial expressions and can be recognized easily because of their looks. Secondly, their majority belongs to the Shia school of thought, by which they get the support of all Shias in Pakistan.

Therefore, these groups can create the perception of Pakistan as a state which does not protect the rights of minorities. However, the reality is unlike everything they portray. In other words, these groups have attacked people of every community in Pakistan. Nonetheless, this perception has to be built because of its importance to destabilize the situation in Pakistan.

Shia Community Needs A Voice, Not Propaganda:

Foreign news agencies have made an artificial rumour that ISIS has carried out this attack to create panic in Pakistan and the Afghan peace process. In Pashtun speaking areas, because of some Pashtun involvement in ISIS, there is a possibility that ISIS could be effective in the Pashtun area. Still, in Balochistan and Balochi speaking areas, no one seems to be involved with ISIS. Hence, the establishment of ISIS in the Baloch area is nothing but an artificial rumour.

The killing Of the Hazara Community In Balochistan is a sensitive topic. The people of Balochistan and top officials of Pakistan have denied this rumour already. They knew that Indian and American sponsored groups have carried out these attacks to destabilise the Pakistan and Afghanistan peace process. If Afghanistan gets into a peaceful situation, India will have no space to shape any activity against Pakistan.

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