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Overview of LGBT in Muslim World

LGBT aims
Overview Of LGBT In Muslim World

Overview of LGBT in Muslim World:

The last significant hold out of LGBT is the Muslim world. The powers in the West behind this philosophy are asking one question. How do we get Muslims to accept homosexuality, gay, and transgender lifestyle? The answer is clear because they have used strategy to get the Western world to accept LGBT.

In 1987, two gay media strategist Marshall Kerk and Hunter Madsen introduced overhauling straight America policy based on a six-point plan. The strategy was later developed into a significant book called After the Ball. The purpose of this strategy was to mainstream LGBT. The process turned out to be so triumphant that within 20 years, they could turn a profoundly conservative Christian country into a country that today celebrates every aspect of the LGBT ideology.

Similarly, we see the same strategy being used in the Muslim world. If we allow this strategy to play out and be executed, the Muslim world will likely adopt and celebrate LGBT even faster than it was accepted in the west. Moreover, we can see the glimpse of it already.

Let us discuss the components of this six-point plan.

1. Talk about Gays Often and Loudly:

Talk about gays and homosexuality as loudly and as much as possible. The goal is to desensitise and to see homosexuality as something normal and mainstream. You do not want the public to be shocked by homosexual and transgender behaviour. The key to desensitisation is introducing Gay and Transgender elements through cultural venues like TV, movies, and books. In this way, you can accelerate the desensitisation and the normalisation process.

2. Portray Gays As Victims:

It is critical that you do not have to portray gays as aggressive challengers but instead as victims. There is a vast non-bullying campaign going around, and the main aim is to show gays as victims who need protection and support. If they successfully portray gender-neutral people as victims, that will create a natural reflex to protect that group.

3. Give Protestors A Just Cause:

Anyone outside of the newly identified victims, the LGBT community, takes on this protector role because they need a just cause to rally behind. You can make it about diversity, which Muslims already value because of ISLAM, making LGBT a part of the diversity that Muslims can celebrate. You can also give Muslims a just cause of protecting rights, which is essential within ISLAM.

As Muslims are not going to support the homosexual act itself, so that has to be decentered. What should be the centre of concern is antidiscrimination, and it is the building of the narrative that does not discriminate, bully and unfairly condemned these innocent victims. The description must be propagated throughout the Muslim world because it becomes the positive message that Muslims might support them.

4. Emphasise that Homosexual is Haaram:

It might seem counterintuitive if you focus on Haram aspects of this behaviour, would not that move Muslims away from LGBT acceptance. Still, there is an element of reverse psychology here because if you emphasise Haram aspects, you seem like a strong defender of Islamic values. It gives you space to promote anti-bullying or even all-out support of LGBT rights. The argument that can be made is YES!

LGBT behaviour is Haram, but we have to support the rights of this victimise, marginalised minority. It is a kind of trojan horse that fools the Muslim community into thinking that LGBT behaviour is Haram. Supporting LGBT rights is perfectly halal and permissible and even praiseworthy in Islam. In reality, nothing could be farther from the truth. Supporting LGBT rights is just as impermissible, haram, and blameworthy as being in homosexuality and transgenderism yourself.

For this, some of the prominent Muslim preachers of West ern World are using this strategy for over a decade. They have succeeded in making the Muslim community more open to the idea of support LGBT rights. Furthermore, some of the Muslims have aligned with the LGBT political program as well. As a result, their message has been exported throughout the Muslim world. This idea is slowly starting to creep into mainstream Islamic orthodox discourse.

5. Make the Victimizer Look Bad:

Make those who oppose LGBT oppressors who are old, out of touch and on the wrong side of history. Portray them as they do not get this idea. They are an intolerant homophobe. It is an essential part of this victimise oppressor dynamic that frames the entire LGBT proliferation movement that you want to create in the Muslim world.

If this marketing campaign is successful, then the average Muslim would not want to associate with anyone who is anti LGBT or anyway opposes that program. At first, this will create a culture of silence where the average Muslim does not want to risk speaking out and looking like a Homophobe or being accused of intolerance. Eventually, that culture of silence will allow the entire LGBT program to get into full swing.

6. Step-by-Step Legal Reforms:

In many Muslim countries, they have laws against homosexuality that have criminalised homosexual behaviour. These laws used to exist in the West as well. Nonetheless, the West abolished these laws. Further, a step-by-step legal reform has wholly transformed the legal architecture within these Western countries.

To replicate that in the Muslim world requires the exact step by step process. Muslims can understand this as [خُطُوَاتِ الشَّيْطٰنِ] steps of Satan (2:208 Qur’an) when you have Hudud and actual capital punishment for Homosexual behaviour in certain Muslim countries. You are not going to able to change that overnight.

To stop the spread of LGBT in Muslim World, you have to focus on less controversial issues. Following the given steps may help:

I. Abolish Hudud:

(Islamic terminology for capital punishment), what western powers and NGOs already recognised is that some Muslims are already uncomfortable with the idea of Hudud. Through years and decades of programming, they have been conditioned to see Hudud in the Western lands as something barbaric.

Therefore, they have primed as public before the abolishing of Hudud. It means this step is almost complete. Furthermore, we hear about other Muslim countries that want to eliminate Islamic punishments from the legal system.

II. Decriminalize Homosexual behaviour:

Once the Hudud is abolished, then you can decriminalise Homosexual behaviour completely, and the U.S government and E.U has been pushing sanctions on any country that has criminalised Homosexual behaviour.

III. Legalize LGBT Spaces:

It will be done by legalising their social spaces via gay clubs or gay bars. These places should be allowed legally to function and not be closed down by governmental authorities.

IV. Create Protected legal status,

It means a person who identifies as LGBT will get some protections under the law that protects against harassment, abuse and harm.

V. Legalize Gay Marriage:

It is one of the more significant steps and will require many challenges in the legal system.

VI. Introduce Hate Speech Laws,

now you have to criminalise those who speak against LGBT, and this has happened in many countries like Canada, U.K, South Africa and Australia. There are hate speech laws that can criminalise anyone who teaches against Homosexuality or any aspect of LGBT.

VII. Make LGBT Education Mandatory:

now you get to the point where you can get LGBT education part of the schooling curriculum. Authorities would introduce school-going children of age 4 to 6 to LGBT ideology like Love is Love. There is no problem in a man and a man or woman and a woman marrying together. In other words, if you are, a boy your transition to a girl or vice versa. It is all now a part of the curriculum.

VIII. Gender Neutral Bathrooms:

It will become effortless to require gender-neutral bathrooms, and basically, you dissolve any concept of gender separation. You make sure that every space can include men and women. You also need people to change their language. If a person has preferred pronouns, you make it a legal requirement to respect that pronoun usage.

IX. Parental Rights:

You have to put more controls on parents to opt-out of the LGBT curriculum in school. Also, if a child decides because of his LGBT education school to change his gender, you criminalise parents’ ability to take their child out of that. Preventing a child to hormone therapy transitioning from one gender to another is categorised as child abuse.

X. Remove All Legal Restrictions:

Finally, you remove all other legal restrictions, and you make it illegal to in any way discriminate against LGBT, whether it is your employment practices or how you have been taught at your religious schools or Mosques. You criminalise anything that opposes the LGBT ideology, and then the total legal transformation is complete.

The Jist:

Following this six-point plan, the Muslim world can be transformed in just 10 or 20 years maximum. Have you noticed these steps being implemented in your country? Who are the leading politicians, the central religious figures, the main actors, media personalities, and main academicians pushing us? Knowing the plan is the first step in countering the program, so it is now on Muslims after knowing these realities and reacting to counter these steps.


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