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George Floyd’s murder trial


The murder of George Floyd last year in May 2020 sparked protest. The protest started from Minneapolis and reached more than 50 countries of the world. Former police officer of Minneapolis Derek Chauvin, guilty of Floyd’s murder was trailed in court. This was made possible because of the effort of protestors.

Picture Credits: NY Times

Chauvin was found to be guilty in all three charges of second and third degree murder. Also guilty of second-degree of manslaughter. The murder trial which started in March, was the first ever Minnesota’s criminal case to be televised. Although Minnesota’s court doesn’t allow cameras at the trial. The crowd cheered with happiness in Minneapolis once the verdict was announced. Chauvin was handcuffed in the court, and is sentenced up to 40 years in jail.


Both Joe Biden and Kamala Harris welcomed the verdict. nothing can bring George Floyd back but this can be a big step towards justice in the US, said Biden. no one is above the law he further added.

Biden and Harris wants Floyd’s justice to be approved by the Senate for the Policing Act which bans chokeholds and removing immunity which the police officers have from being sued. Three officers which had been associated with Floyd’s murder will be trialed in August.

George Floyd’s family:

According to Benjamin Crump, Floyd’s family attorney on this case said that justice for Black America is justice for all of America. Also Joe Biden called Floyd’s family over phone. The video of phone call was shared by Crump on Twitter.

World leaders reaction to trial:

Former US President Obama said that the jury did the right thing. UK PM Johnson welcomed news for Chauvin’s trial. While Canadian PM  stated it a good news but was a wakeup call for people.




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