Who is Hazrat Umar Al-Faruq ibn Al-Khattab?

Whenever we talk about the greatest conquerors of the world, there are some names we often hear. Everyone knows Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan, Julius Caesar because, no doubt, they conquered many lands. However, did they conquer people in those lands? We often forget one personality who was a lot more influential than many of the kings and rulers of the past. That personality is none other than Hazrat Umar Al-Faruq ibn Al-Khattab.

Hazrat Umar Al-Faruq ibn Al-Khattab was one of the closest friends of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). He was the second Caliph of Islam. His brave heart, wisdom, intelligence, and strong character made him a true leader and the greatest conquerors in human history. Hazrat Umar Farooq held the position of Caliph in 634 CE and remained one until he died in 644 CE. He was born in Mecca. He grew up minding herds of goats and sheep.

Courage and Bravery are Synonyms for Hazrat Umar R.A.:

It is very unusual to say, but the truth is that Hazrat Umar Al-Faruq ibn Al-Khattab remained the leader of the Muslim army for more than a decade. He won many wars without any training in any arts of war (e.g., horse riding, sword fighting, etc.). In 10 years of his caliphate and under his command, the Arab armies conquered 2.2 million square miles of land. This conquered land includes Mesopotamia, Syria and the superpowers of Persia and Rome.

Hazrat Umar Al-Faruq ibn Al-Khattab did not just conquer the lands but also gave the system to unify the people of his reign. He considered himself to be the servant of his people. This is why the subject of his decisions is the security of his people. He even said once,

“Even if a dog died of hunger on river Tigris during my rule, I would have to bear the punishment for this.”

The Great Caliph’s Achievements:

The structure of the later Islamic empire that he established is largely due to him and is still prevalent today. Hazrat Umar R.A. started the Hijri calendar. He introduced the police system. He started a regular holiday system for soldiers. He was the one who introduced the jail system. Moreover, he initiated the idea of paying salaries to Muezzins (who say azan for prayer).

Hazrat Umar Al-Faruq ibn Al-Khattab was the first to introduce a complete court and judicial system. Under this system, everyone from rich to poor, and even he was answerable. He also introduced the canal system for agriculture and irrigation system. Furthermore, he was the first to declare salaries to the homeless, handicapped, old, helpless and widows.

Hazrat Umar Al-Faruq ibn Al-Khattab’s Strength:

Hazrat Umar R.A was respected for his justice and authority. It was such that when he died, a man came running from far off land shouting, “O men, Hazrat Umar R.A has passed away.” When people asked in great surprise who informed him of the news thousands of miles from Madina in a jungle, he replied, “My sheep used to move fearlessly in the jungle as long as Hazrat Umar Al-Faruq ibn Al-Khattab was alive. No beast ever dared to look at them, and today for the first time, a wolf has taken away my goat. The fearlessness of the wolf indicates to me that Hazat Umar R.A is no more.”

Way Forward:

Hazrat Umar Al-Faruq ibn Al-Khattab R.A’s reign, leadership, conquests, love, and service to his people has made him the most powerful and influential man to walk on earth. Through all the effort he made for humanity, he set an example for every other leader. His story shows that no matter how much power the leaders have gained, they are only greater when your people respect them.

Article by Musfirah Zahid

Managed and Edited by Javeria Qadeer

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