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Israeli Election Result for 11th President-2021

Issac Herzog, Israel's 11th President
Issac Herzog, Israel's 11th President

Israeli Election Result for 11th President-2021:

Israel’s 17th election, 2021, was a challenging game. Benjamin Netanyahu was unable to form a government. On the other hand, the coalition was made to unseat the 12 years longest-serving Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu.

Israel’s 11th President Elected:

On June 2, Labor veteran Isaac Herzog has become the 11th President of the state of Israel. These are the joint efforts of the opposition lawmakers who proceeded with a coalition to unseat Benjamin Netanyahu. In addition, Isaac Herzog will assume office on July 9, succeeding President Reuven Rivlin.

How Herzog become the President?

Isaac Herzog, 60, defeated former headmistress Miriam Peretz and succeeded President Reuven Rivlin, who was in the presidency from 2014.

Electoral Votes: Isaac Herzog got 87 votes of Knesset’s 120, whereas his opponent Miriam Peretz got 26 votes. Moreover, both candidates were independent in terms of party.

About Issac Herzog:

Isaac Herzog will be the first president whose father, Chaim Herzog, was a former President of Israel. Chaim was the sixth President during 1983-1993.

Currently, Isaac Herzog is head of a Jewish Agency, and he is also a former leader of the Labour party from 2013-2017.

Isaac Herzog is a lawyer by profession. Moreover, he served as Government Secretary between 1991 to 2001 and has remained a Knesset member from 2003 to 2018. He has also remained in various ministerial positions, including the Minister of Welfare and Social Services (2007–11).

Palestinians Stance on the New Israeli Leadership:

On Thursday, Bennett portrayed Palestinians at fault for the conflict.

“The truth must be told: The national struggle between Israel and the Palestinians is not over territory. The Palestinians do not recognise our very existence here, and it would appear that this will be the case for some time,” he told Israel’s Channel 12 TV station.

The most common opinions of Palestinians on the new Israeli leadership are as follows:

  • “There is no difference between one Israeli leader and another”
  • According to Hamas, the Islamist group, this makes no difference for Palestinians who govern Israel.
  • Israelis are good when it comes to their people. They become harmful when it comes to Palestinians and their rights.

Israeli Election Result for 11th President-2021: Isaac Herzog has won the presidency and is now ready to write the future of the Israeli state. The citizens of Israel are looking forward to a positive and unique change from their new presidency.


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