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Islamophobic rhetoric; trump card for political gains.


In contemporary times, the hatred towards islam and muslims is also being used as a trump card. The populist leaders of countries incite the propagandas to demonize muslims, and create abhorrence in natives. As a consequence, muslims become victim of violence, hate speech, and in worst case they face direct attacks. The right wing politicians apply these tactics to fuel up extremism and to provoke insurrection for political gains.

What islamophobia entails?

Islamophobia in brief could be explain as the fear, biasness or hatred of western world about islam. They hold prejudice of islam as a conservative, harsh on duties and supports terrorism. And they have intense dislike towards the practitioners of this religion.

Anti-muslim rhetoric by populist leaders:

The envious of non-muslims towards islam is not the current issue it is decades old.The populist leaders or far conservative politicians have took the advantage of the islamophobia. They sparked more hate in people’s mind, and arouse their resting sentiments towards muslim community.

The significant example can be witnessed in the recent statement of French President Emmanuel Macron. Who defended the blaspheme of a French teacher in his caricature of Prophet Muhammad(pbuh) as a freedom of right and expression. This act ignited the anger of whole muslim world, who criticised the French president and boycotted as well. Later he described Islam, religion in “crisis” worldwide and passed a bill in parliament for anti-radicalisation in France, by strengthen oversight on mosques, muslims education centers or schools, their religious events and socialisation. According to him, he will free France from radical Islamists. Some analysts said he has done this to get support for upcoming 2023 elections.

Hungary,  one of the members of European Union is not any less than France. The Hungarian premier Viktor Orbán in 2018, declared the muslim refugees as muslim invaders. The hapless refugees influxed in Europe from middle eastern countries. Almost all European countries especially Germany, accepted the immigrants while Hungary refused to take any refugee. The Prime minister stated that he is the representative of hungarian people and their people didnot want any migrant.

The most famous president Donald Trump, who administered United States past four years. And during his era, he had banned several muslim countries travel to United States. Not just this the muslims innates from any nation were extremely vetted at airports, including interrogation and detention in case of doubt. Trump also made harsh rhetoric against islamization and critiques on muslim, in order to promote his vision of making America great again.

The Narendra Modi also considered as the fascist leader of current times and sometimes compare with Adolf Hitler. He is the strong believer of the RSS ideology, and didnot blow any chance to promote it in his reign.The fascist leader has arouse the extremist factions in hindus against minorties of India, specifically muslims. He has caused the plight of muslims in his country since he set upon the throne.

These evidences are enough to prove the envious propaganda of populist leaders. For their spread of hatred of anti-muslims sentiments to acquire political gains, to dominate the muslim world and to exploit muslim diasporas in their countries. However, the onus falls upon the leaders of the muslim nations to take brave steps, against counterfiet concept of Islam prevailing among non-muslims by some power greedy high figures. We have seen enough plight of muslims. Now muslims countries should unite and make robust action.


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