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Why Jacinda Ardern Is Named In the World Greatest Leaders’ List

Jacinda Ardern

Why Jacinda Ardern Is Named In the World Greatest Leaders List:

Jacinda Ardern became one of the youngest prime ministers at the age of 37. The governor-general swore her in on October 26th, 2017. She has shown many qualities that indicate that she is a prime minister and a true leader. Not only she is a leader but also a mother and an exceptional one. She gave birth in the office and became the second woman in the world after Benazir Bhutto faced a similar situation. It is one reason she is on the list of the most outstanding leaders of all time.

“Taking on a leadership role does not mean that you only have to be personally ambitious.”

                                          ~ Jacinda Ardern

New Zealand Attacks:

On March 15th, 2019, New Zealand witnessed a horrible terrorist attack on the Muslim community, in which 51 Muslim men and children lost their lives. When the reports termed this incident as “ An Extremist Attack”, Jacinda Ardern stood up and told the whole world that “A well-planned attack is a terrorist attack regardless of the religion.” She called out that white supremacist terrorists are “terrorists”.

Volcanic Activity in White Island:

Similarly, on 9th December 2019, when the White Island showed a frightful volcanic activity when about 47 people were on that island, 22 people died. Jacinda immediately reached out to the families of the departed and extended her condolences. It shows her empathy as a true leader.

“Everything I have ever thought about doing has been, in some sense, about helping people.”

~Jacinda Arderne 

5 Reasons Jacinda Ardern Is On The World Greatest Leader List:

There are several reasons why Jacinda Arderne is on the list of the most outstanding leaders, and not only that, she was also ranked among the Top 10 individuals who played a vital role in shaping science in 2020.

Jacinda Ardern’s Honesty:

We have seen that Jacinda Ardern is a sincere woman. When the COVID-19 breakout happened, she made a candid and straightforward approach towards her people. It was one of the reasons that New Zealand had 2,668 Corona Cases with 26 death tolls. She remained honest with her people and maintained a strict lockdown.

In March, she delivered an eight-minute televised statement to her nation in which she imposed a level-4 lockdown and stood with her people in unity. It was Jacinda’s leadership that lead New Zealand to victory against coronavirus.

Jacinda Ardern’s “ We ” Not “ I ” Speech:

Jacinda is a steadfast woman. She is a very determined person who looks out for everyone. Jacinda is a selfless leader and cares for others far more than she cares for herself. She thinks of her nation as a whole. In her acceptance speech, Jacinda made it quite clear that she has focused on the people of New Zealand and not herself.

Using the word “We,” she showed that she thinks of her nation as a community that works together. She believed that if all of the people come together, they can achieve anything. We can see it when her nation stood against COVID-19 and defeated it.

Diversity In Gender:

She has been one of the few women to have become prime minister of a country. She showed the world that you could achieve anything you want irrespective of gender. Jacinda Ardern believes in complete gender equality. She has more transgender people as her MPs than any other country in the world. It alone shows her nature of humbleness.

Rights of Women:

Being a woman herself, she has been working hard to improve the rights of women. She has an active group of women parliamentarians who work on the representation of women in society. Jacinda encourages other women to make their careers and earn their own money. She has been trying to close the gender pay gap between men and women. According to her, those who work hard should get the reward irrespective of their gender. In an interview, she said:“ Our extraordinary women deserve no less.”

I never grew up as a young woman believing that my gender would stand in the way of doing anything I wanted.”

~Jacinda Ardern

Agile, Quick, And Decisive:

Up until now, we have seen many horrific events in New Zealand since Jacinda Ardern became the prime minister. Such as the terrorist attack on the Muslim community, COVID-19, and the volcanic eruption. But she dealt with all of them swiftly. People call her an Agile woman because of her quick reaction to the COVID-19.

Article by: Hannan Rafique

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