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Jahangir Tareen Forms Like-Minded Group

Image credits: Express Tribune

Jahangir Tareen Forms Like-Minded Group

Pakistan Tehreek Insaf (PTI) leader Jahangir Tareen has formed a separate group of like-minded lawmakers. These lawmakers are from both the National as well as Punjab Assembly. This group is created in response to the Punjab government’s action against its supporters, according to Tareen. However, he denied rumours of any forward bloc in the party.

Tareen, a close confidante of Imran Khan and instrumental in forming Khan’s government in Punjab, is now facing charges of sugar scam. While addressing the media outside Lahore High Court, he clearly said he was part of PTI and will continue doing so. Furthermore, the 3 FIRs filed against him did not include the sugar scandal, he added.

Tareen said the group of like-minded people has been with him for three months.

Moreover, Sardar Saeed Akbar has been appointed to raise their voice against the Punjab government’s action. He will be working as a representative from Tareen’s side in the Punjab Assembly. PM Khan has already formed a one-person committee, which includes Syed Ali Zafar.

Committee Formed by Imran Khan:

PM Khan meeting Barrister Syed Ali Zafar.
Image credits: Dunya News

Furthermore, Barrister Zafar will ensure about Tareen’s accusation. This investigation includes whether some people in both PTI and the government politically victimised Tareen or not. According to Barrister Zafar, the final report will be out soon.

In addition, some final reports by Barrister Zafar were circulating regarding Tareen. But he denied that all these reports are fake on his Twitter handle, as he has still not submitted the information.

Jahangir Tareen Forms Like-Minded Group. Moreover, Tareen acknowledged that Khan is an honourable man and believes he is. Moreover, he said that he would also give the inquiry report to PM khan.

Budget Approval in Parliament:

The current challenge for the government is the approval of the budget from the parliament. For the events happening in Tareen’s case, budget approval can be a problem. But he has promised his support for the budget approval in both the National and the Punjab Assembly.

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