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Modern IT Governance of PTI in Contrast to Historical Tribal Setup of KPK

Governance has been made transparent with the use of technologies.

Modern IT Governance of PTI in Contrast to Historical Tribal Setup of KPK

Modern IT Governance of PTI in Contrast to Historical Tribal Setup of KPK:

Following the growing trend of Information Technology in Punjab, KPK Government has assumed this belt’s advancement via technology. Special initiatives have been shown in almost all departments like the police department, education department, health department, patwari system, and so forth. 

Since the government seems determined towards new technological advancement and planning, they have changed all departments’ governance to empower the public in real terms. The KPK government has made a significant improvement in KPK province compared to the old traditional system of governance set by the leading parties like the Awami National Party, Jamiat-e-Islami, and other local parties the belt.

PTI Succeeded In Overcoming Orthodox Practices:

According to political experts, educationists, etc., PTI has successfully brought down patwari fiefdom by computerizing land records throughout the province while installing an efficient mechanism to enable the government to keep a vigilant eye on land mafia and Patwaries.

Besides, there has been some progress in reducing corruption and nepotism too since PTI has commenced ruling across the belt. Along with these changes, another valuable achievement during the incumbent government’s tenure is the police’s de-politicisation with no interference by any minister, chief minister or even by Imran Khan himself. 

Reforms In Key Departments:

The government has also introduced an online FIR system, through which a person can launch an FIR against anyone from anywhere, while the police are bound to respond to the prescribed case within 24 hours. In sharp contrast to the old traditional system, police recruitment through the National Testing Service (NTS) has been enforced in the province.

Earlier, there was no concept of police recruitment in police via the NTS system. The government fills all openings in different departments on merit and through NTS, which gives a glimmer of hope to those with no resources and backing at all. Likewise, the government has taken the lead in legislation too.

IT-Based Upgradations In Legislation and Health:

Almost twenty-five bills have been passed in the KPK assembly so far, in which the Right to Information Bill is their glaring achievement towards transparency in governance. The bill gives a right to the people of KPK to access all information online. 

The health sector has been improved in the province. Along with medicine and treatment, the government has set a Biometric system in hospitals to check doctors and paramedical staff’s attendance after each hour to ensure their presence properly at the proper time.

Computerized Education:

The government has formulated the similar Biometric system plan for the education system too. An Independent monitoring system has been introduced to ensure the participation of both teachers and students. Along with these drastic changes, the government has recruited almost eight-thousand faculties, and the recruitment of other six-thousand teachers is under process.

PTI’s Achievements Through IT Governance:

In sharp contrast to the old system, the KPK government has done its best. Few facts are worthy of being mentioned here to differentiate between former KPK and new KPK.

  1. Police are behaving better while in the past they used to harass people.
  2. Corruption has reduced in all departments, especially in education and police departments.
  3. Doctors in hospitals show up at work and do the duties while, in the past, they did abstain.
  4. Teachers in government schools show up at work during duty time.
  5. Cleanliness of streets has been enhanced, giving a system for the city cleanliness.
  6. Terrorism has been reduced because of security checking via different cameras on roads and the streets. 

Progress of IT Governance in KPK:

Correct with the changes brought in KPK, the PTI government has improved almost every department using modern technologies to ease its daily affairs. They have planted biometric systems to check the transparency of work in every department like the Police department, health department, and the education department. Also, they have improved the patwari system by computerizing their data to have a check on land mafias and Patwaries.

The police department and education department’s recruitment is done through a proper national testing service system (NTS). Different cameras have been set on roads and various departments to have a periodic check over corruption. Along with these drastic changes, they have also done work in legislation and have passed almost twenty-five bills of the right to information to update the public and find their access to information online.

Conclusion – Modern IT Governance of PTI in Contrast to Historical Tribal Setup of KPK:

Governance has been made transparent with the use of technologies, but special monitoring is done for accountability purposes to ensure responsibility in every nook and corner of the belt. So, one is forced to conclude that the KPK government has a significant achievement since they are ruling over the province by enhancing almost all departments using information technologies that have eased the public and have ensured accountability across the province.

Written by Muhammad Ijaz

Managed and Edited by Javeria Qadeer


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