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Turkey and Pakistan’s relationship and its impact on Pakistan’s politics

Pak-Turk relation
Turkey and Pakistan relationship has a great impact on Pakistan’s politics. It is Pakistan’s one of the most cherished relations these days. Pakistan is one of those countries that endeavour to maintain a decent relationship with foreign countries. Consequently, international relations had a phenomenal impact on the politics of our country.

Turkey and Pakistan relationship

The Pak-Turk relationship appears to be improving in the correct direction after a decade of tedious relations. Although, in politics and economics, Turkey has been a role model for Pakistan. Pakistan’s former president General Parvez Musharraf admired Mustafa Kamal Ataturk, the founder of the Turkish republic. Our current Prime Minister Imran Khan has also offered a hand of friendship with the Turkish government. Imran Khan even called Erdogan one of his political heroes due to his military coups. Both countries share a common worldview, religion, and somewhat the same cultural values.

How does the Pak-Turk friendship begin?

During WWI in the 1890s, when the British defeated Turkey, they wanted to split Turkey into several parts. The Muslims from the subcontinent who were in favour of Pakistan supported Turkey in their fight. Muslims from subcontinents asked the British not to take such a step. They even send a delegation, to the British, for that matter. They protested against it, Muslims leave their titles, create different organizations, and wrote some national songs for Turkey. Pak-Turk friendship and relationship came into being at that time and still going stronger.


Turkey supports on Kashmir issue

Undoubtedly, Turkey has supported Pakistan in demanding independence for Kashmir. While Imran Khan and Erdogan held frequent discussions on how peacefully diffuse the situation. In the Kashmir issue, Erdogan came up as a defender of Muslims and raised his voice for them.

Pak-Turk school

Pak-Turk school is a chain of Turkish educational institutions that are established in 1995. The first Pak-Turk school was built in 1997 in Islamabad, Pakistan. Currently, it has extended all over Pakistan. The school promotes Turkish culture and educates young Pakistanis about Gulen’s religious and political ideas.

Pakistan support in Kurdistan worker’s party

Previously, Pakistan supports Turkey in its dispute, with the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), voicing rock-hard sponsorship for Turkey and Erdoğan when threats among Ankara and the PKK continued. Subsequently, It was the mid-year of 2015 after the collapse of the peaceful interaction. The Turkish military asked for Pakistani intelligence and substantial support.

Current situation of friendship between both the states.

current situation
current situation

Our current prime minister Imran Khan visited Turkey. The bond between both countries grows strong. Recently at the request of our honourable Prime Minister’s. The Turkish drama Ertrugul is being dubbed in our national language Urdu by Pakistan television Corporation. It has taken the country by storm. Therefore, Turkish stars invited by various Pakistani organizations to work with them after the show got enormous popularity. Consequently, many Turkish actors visit Pakistan in recent times. So, some of our Pakistani brands have selected Turkish actors as their brand ambassadors. These brands include Junaid Jamshed, Maria B, Jazz, and many more.

Both countries have always stood for each other when needed. So, we hope that both the country enjoys this relationship of friendship (dostluk: in Turkish) and brotherhood (kardeşlik: in Turkish).





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