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PCB Implements Maternity Policy

PCB Implements Maternity Policy

PCB Implements Maternity Policy:

Pakistan Cricket Board’s Implementation of Maternity Policy for Women Cricketers!

After getting inspired by the Australian and New Zealand cricket boards with exceptional parenthood leave policies, PAKISTAN CRICKET BOARD (PCB) took an overwhelming significant step that deserves to be appreciated.

This policy is purposed for inspiring and supporting our stunning cricketers during this challenging period of becoming parenthood, through pregnancy and after birth & this policy is considerate for both male and female cricketers.

As we all know, our cricketers spend a pretty tough life given parenthood.

They have to go through complicated and regular training and year-long playing schedules. After which, they might be left with no space for their personal life and planning as to be parents.

Further added in this policy, all women cricketers will be designated for a year-long paid maternity leave. Moreover, they will have an option of replacing themselves with a non-playing role after approaching their maternity leaves.

They will be guaranteed with an official signed contract in that leaving year for maternity leave. When they return, the board will accommodate them with proper physical training and support to rehabilitate themselves again after their childbirth.

PCB Implements Maternity Policy: Male cricketers will be allowed concessions and will be entitled to a one-month-long paid paternity leave from the board.

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