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Wasim Akram: The legendary ‘Sultan of Swing’

Wasim Akram: 'Sultan of Swing'

On June 3rd 1966, a boy was born in Lahore to Mr. and Mrs. Akram. The boy made records in cricket one after another and made his name known to the world. This boy was none other than the legendary cricketer and coach ‘Wasim Akram’, also known as ‘Sultan of Swing’.

Wasim Akram

Starting Career

Wasim Akram started his cricket career in 1984 by joining a first-class cricket team Pakistan Automobiles Corporation. It was the start of a never ending journey of success which made him popular in the history of cricket. The interesting thing is a few weeks prior to his selection in National cricket team, he was an unknown club cricketer who couldn’t even make to his college team.

Wasim Akram

Wasim Akram is an all rounder player, but the fame he got in the field of bowling is hardly earned by anyone else. He was a left-armed, fast bowler who could bowl with any pace. He was a master of Swing and is known as ‘Sultan of Swing’. The only person who could get the same title after him is Waqar Yonus.


Wasim Akram is one of those people whose mentor was Imran Khan. He was also coached by Javed Miandad. He played for many teams including Pakistan’s National Team, Lahore, Lancashire and Hampsphire. He made his international debut in ODI in 1984 and in Test Cricket in 1985.

Waseem Akram and Imran Khan



Wasim Akram holds a number of wonderful records throughout his career .Some of them are like:

  • He took 500 wickets during 2003 World Cup and became the first cricketer to reach 500-wicket mark in ODI cricket.
  • Wisdon released an only list of best players of all times in 2002. Wasim Akram secured the first place as best bowler in ODI, leaving behind the cricketers like Waqar Yonus and Imran Khan.
  • He got 22 Man-of-the-Match awards in ODIs and 17 in 104 Test Matches.
  • He holds the record of most sixes in a single Test inning by hitting 12 sixes in one inning.

The Government of Pakistan also awarded him ‘Hilal-e-Imtiaz’ for his life time achievements in the field of cricket in 2019.

Waseem Akram


Life Beyond Cricket

Aside from being best cricketer, he is also a good looking person and often seen modeling.  Wasim Akram sometimes works in short ads and social campaigns. He also co-wrote a book ‘Wasim’, which is his autobiography, with the British sports journalist Patrick Murphy. He joined a business company Cricingif as a stakeholder director in 2018.

Wasim Akram

Wasim Akram married Huma Mufti in 1995 and had two sons Tahmoor and Akbar. Unfortunately, the couple could only live together for 15 years and Huma died of Multiple Organ Failure in 2009. In 2013, 4 years after the death of his wife, Wasim Akram started a new life with an Australian woman Shaniera Thompson. They got married on 12 August 2013. They were blessed with a baby girl on 27 December 2014 whom they named Aiyla Sabeen Rose Akram.

Wasim Akram with his sons

Wasim with his wife and daughter


After his retirement from cricket team, he took up commentary for television and can usually be seen as a sports commentator in different matches. He is also doing coaching for different teams since then.

 Former West Indies batsman Brian Lara said:

“Over my 15 or 16 years of playing international cricket in Tests and One Day Internationals, Wasim Akram is definitely the most outstanding bowler I’ve ever faced.”


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