Home Current Affairs At Least 3 Killed in Lahore Explosion

At Least 3 Killed in Lahore Explosion

At Least 3 Killed in Lahore Explosion

At Least 3 Killed in Lahore Explosion:

On Wednesday, a bomb explosion happened in the Johar Town area of Lahore. At least three people were killed, and the blast caused extensive damage to homes and cars.

At least three killed and 21 injured resulted in the Lahore explosion. According to a medical clinic spokesperson. Some individuals, including children, are in critical condition.

According to Punjab Police General Inam Ghani (VBIED), the explosion happened via a vehicle-borne ad-libbed touch device. Fahim Ahmad told Reporters that a car left outside a home had exploded, setting fire to other vehicles and bikes.

Ghani said, “Some police officers guarding a specified position near the imprisoned leader of Jamaat-ud-Dawa, Hafiz Saeed, also injured.”

Police are looking into whether the bomb was remote-controlled or part of a suicide assault plot. Despite the police’s stated location, Ghani believes that the car may have arrived at Saeed’s home.

Meanwhile, Punjab Chief Minister Usman Buzdar took notice of the explosion. Buzdar ordered the IG to investigate and report on the incident. “We will prosecute those responsible for the explosion,” he tweeted.

Buzdar also instructed the concerned professionals on how to provide the best clinical treatment to the injured.

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