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Empower and Educate about Self-Defense with Project EHTRAAM!

Empower and Educate about Self-Defense with Project EHTRAAM!

Empower and Educate about Self-Defense with Project EHTRAAM!

Project EHTRAAM is Empowering and Educating Women through Self-Defense techniques. It’s not a hidden fact that violence against women in Pakistan is increasing day by day. According to the “Global Gender Gap Index 2018”, Pakistan is ranked as the sixth most dangerous country in the world for women. It emphasizes the need for self-defence in our society.

Honour crimes, physical and domestic violence, and kidnappings have an alarmingly high rate of occurrence in our country, while conviction rates remain at only 2.5% of all reported cases.

Know Your Rights on Harassment:

Pakistan Penal Code 1860, Section 294:

Use of indecent and vulgar language in a public place to offend can lead to 3years of punishment along with a fine.

Pakistan Penal Code 1860, Section 354A:

The use of criminal force to assault a woman is punishable by death or lifelong imprisonment.

Yes, that’s correct!

To use criminal force to assault a woman is punishable by lifelong imprisonment. But sadly, our judicial system and security services lack a good sense of judgment.

Project EHTRAAM – Self-Defence Training and Education:

With harassment and molestation cases continuing to rise in our society, a self-defence trainee and instructor, Mr Sarib A.Sheikh, a martial artist and athlete experienced in various combat sports, has initiated this project to train women in self-defence techniques.

Their vision is to empower individuals through this initiative by creating awareness about self-defence and teaching them the importance of consent and respect.

Their mission is to conduct self-defence seminars and workshops with professional trainers and having interactive sessions on learning respectful behaviour under the guidance of psychologists and life coaches. Their ultimate goal is to conduct self-defence sessions and spread awareness about consent at educational institutes.

Project EHTRAAM! Project EHTRAAM! Project EHTRAAM!

About the Self-defense Trainer:

Mr Sarib holds a black belt in karate and had previously conducted multiple self-defence workshops and seminars.

A Note from the Trainer:

We started EHTRAAM in October 2020. After the motorway incident, being a self-defence trainer, many people around me started asking me about self-defence. Many people who didn’t know anything about it began to talk about it on social media. I think that

More than teaching women about self-defence, we need to start focusing and teaching our boys about the concept of “consent” and how to behave appropriately.

So we started EHTRAAM, tried to work on both of these aspects. We make educational content of raising awareness against harassment and crimes against women. We make videos about the issues of consent and self-defence.

We had our first Self-defense training in October 2020, and we are looking forward to conducting more this year.”

You can check out their official Instagram page on the link below:


The Hub Daily is proudly supporting people contributing to our society for a change and are proud to collaborate with Mr Sarib from project EHTRAAM for this article. If you want us to write more about social issues or have some suggestions, please let us know in the comment section.

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