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Importance of freedom of speech.


“I DIsapprove of what you say, but i’ll defend tO the death your right to say it”

Voltaire, the french philosopher cited this prominent qoute, to clarify the significance of freedom of speech. It adds value to the idea of civil liberty. Free speech gives strength to the people, and it could become revolutionary step against malpractices and injustices. As the society became more civilised, people started prioritising human rights more. And in those rights, one’s freedom of expression is also included. It is eventually, enshrined in article 19 of Universal Declaration of human rights.

What is freedom of speech?

It is a possession, of individual to have an opinion about anything. And person can liberally express it without the fear of society. Some people argue that, it should be unrestrained and allowed in every circumstance. However, it should not be forgotten, that it could violate or become critic on others right and dignity.

What freedom of expression could benefit?

Freedom of speech, is considered as the strongest weapon of people to stand against any evil. People voice up, if any injustice is being delivered. Thus, how the society gain some benefits from it.

Freedom of speech, lays the foundation of pluralistic society. Where people have different opinions and they accept the criticism by everyone. Eventually, it strengthen the stance and induct creative multiple ideas. And this multilateral society, could only be developed under great leadership. The prosper and peaceful countries like; New Zealand and Canada are prime example of this pluralistic society, under the leadership of Jacinda Ardern and Justin Trudeau, respectively.

Aboard this, it is essential for democratic culture to flourish. When people of society can voice up for their opinion, then they are well aware of governing institutions, and  law making bodies. People, tends to question the incumbent government about transparency, accountancy, rule of law, efficient and effectiveness. This implies, the people of particular society participates in their government matters. The government, first consider the consent of people, then impliment their policies. For instance, the full fledge democratic country like Norway, compare to North Korean dictatorship.

It also leads to an inclusive decision making. Where individual, feels like he has sense of ownership in the matter. And everyone’s point of view, leads to the best possible decision. And unanimously, everyone agrees with the decision. The best evidence, could be given of Holy Prophet (pbuh), when he considered everyone’s opinion, during the battle of Trench.

From the aforementioned benefits, the freedom of speech is considered, as the pivotal source for the progress of society. Hence, depriving the masses from their basic right, would lead to exacerbating conditions of society. It is the crying hour of need, to spread the free speech concept across the world.




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