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Future of Architecture Through Amaan Anwar

Future of architecture through Professional- Amaan Anwar

Future of Architecture Through Amaan Anwar:

For the nations of the Subcontinent, the field of Architecture is not just any field. It holds and connects us with the rich history of emperors who had immense interest in designing and building masterpieces that hold a remarkable place in history. Muslim empires were famous for building substantial static forts around the cities(for protection purposes) they conquered as a first and foremost thing. We have myriad examples. However, over time this field had lost its charm.

In recent times, the field in Pakistan is again emerging from ashes. Many youngsters are now pursuing a professional degree in architecture. I talked to Amaan Anwar for our readers, who himself is in this field for the past 2.5 years. I had a conversation about what the future beholds for students of architecture.

Keep reading to know about the future of Architecture through the eyes of professional!

Please give a brief introduction about yourself, anything that you would like to share.

I am Amaan Anwaar. I am 21 years old architecture student at the University of Karachi. Besides, I like to play cricket, the only sport I love, I think!

We would love to know how did you start your journey in architecture in Pakistan? Was it your own choice?

In my college days, I realised that I’m into designing. I like to designing of buildings, interiors, etc. These are the things that fascinate me. Hence, after my college, I got my admission in architecture.
Yeah, I’ve chosen this career by myself. It has been two and half years already, so half of my bachelor’s degree is completed.

What trends do you feel are essential in Architecture/ Design?

There are few things like green architecture, use of recycled materials and, energy-efficient homes. Also, as the world is facing global warming, the small space living is equally important.

Would you say Architecture is a field for everyone?

No, I would not say that this field is for everyone. It requires a lot of things. Moreover, I would say, “sacrifices” only the passionate can enjoy in this design field. Again, if you are not, then you will always be getting frustrated by the work.

What are three pieces of advice you would like to give to the students who want to make a career in this field?

  • Learn to manage your time.
  • Observe the architecture you see around yourself and draw.
  • Never give up; always try to get better and better and train your mind to be calm.

Lastly, where do you see the field of architecture in Pakistan in the next five years?

Architecture in Pakistan is evolving. Therefore, in new constructions, we are looking at some new designs. People are now seeking advice from professionals to construct.

However, designing spaces and construction is a slow process. In the next few years, it will get better than how it is right now.

Future of Architecture through Amaan Anwar: I hope this interview was insightful for my readers. Suppose you have any more queries and any remarks. Do share with me in the comments section below.

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