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15 Exquisite and Thrilling Tunnels Around the World

Tunnels around the World

15 Exquisite and Thrilling Tunnels Around the World:

Having various memories associated with a tunnel: the underground passageway can provide an exciting or scary experience. There are numerous tunnels around the world; some date decades ago, while some recently constructed. No two tunnels are similar; they all vary in size, design, and type. These tunnels make travelling easy for people while travelling differs from walking, driving, cycling to railway tracks and cargo transfers.

The formation of a tunnel is one of the most magnificent creations of a human, as it also reduces the traffic burden on one side by dividing the transportation movement. The horizontal passageway can get thrilling or exquisite depending on people as they travel through tunnels worldwide. We categorised the 15 most fascinating ones below:

The Shortest Tunnels Around the World:

Backbone Rock Tunnel:

Credits: George Becker

Constructed by a Wood Company to transport their goods through the shortest way, a hole was made in the rock to create a passageway. It is what gives it the title of the fastest tunnel in the world. Presently, the tunnel is used as a tourist attraction by people from different areas to see; what the most little tunnel in the world looks like.

Location: Shady Valley, Tennessee

Constructed in: 1991

Distance: 75 feet long

Two Tunnels Greenway:

15 Exquisite and Thrilling Tunnels Around the World
Credits: Florian Olivo

People who want to see the natural beauty of the city of Bath and view the mesmerising scenes of the lake, forests, and countryside lifestyle use the tunnel by walking and cycling. It is a short tunnel connecting two places that make it easier for the tourists to travel between both.

Location: In the middle of the City of Bath and the Midford Valley

Constructed in: 2013

Distance: 9 KM

Wisteria Tunnel:

Credits: Olya Kobruseva

A private garden filled with 150 different wisteria flowers has two short tunnels built in the area. The tunnel’s roof is; fully packed with wisteria trees of distinct kinds and colours that attract locals and foreigners. Also known as the Kawachi Wisteria Garden, the place is open for visitors in the wisteria season that starts from the end of April.

Location: Kitakyushu, Japan

Distance: 100 Meters Long

Stone Tunnel:

Credits: Aaron Burden

The builders originally wanted to dig a driveway for a company but ended up constructing a Stone Tunnel. As per the builders, it was a tiresome job and required time and hard work. The tunnel is 20 feet wide. The place is unique in the sense it has Asphalt Road leading to the Stone Tunnel.

Location: United States of America

Constructed in: 2001

Distance: 50 Meters

Short Tunnel:

15 Exquisite and Thrilling Tunnels Around the World
Credits: George Becker

Under Ditchling Road, there is a short tunnel located. The creation of the tunnel happened when the building of London Road Station was underway.

Location: London

Constructed in: 1877

The Longest Tunnels around the World:

Lærdal Tunnel:

Credits: Burak K.

The longest road tunnel in the world connects two towns of Norway; Aurland and Lærdal. It is a beautiful tunnel with multi-colour lights installed on the ceiling to attract travellers and make their journey more fun. The country is widely recognised for having natural beauty, and the construction of tunnels and bridges only helps enhance the beauty.

Location: Norway

Constructed in: 2000

Distance: 24.52 KM

The Channel Tunnel:

15 Exquisite and Thrilling Tunnels Around the World
Credits: Rafael Garcin

Mostly know as Eurotunnel, it is a train tunnel that goes from England to France. The main tunnel has three other tunnels constructed in it, running for different purposes, including railway and people. The tunnel is one of the longest tunnels put together for transportation.

Location: Europe

Constructed in: 1994

Distance: 50 KM

Marmaray Tunnel:

Credits: Engin Akyurt

Creating passage between Europe and Asia, the Marmary Tunnel comes under a significant and beneficial tunnel category. The tunnel has three enclosed railway platforms and two-track underpasses in it.

Location: Turkey

Constructed in: 2013

Distance: 13.5 KM

Seikan Tunnel:

15 Exquisite and Thrilling Tunnels Around the World
Credits: Carrie Johnson

Also, the world’s longest tunnel is an undersea tunnel that joins two islands of Japan. Seikan Tunnel is the world’s second-longest tunnel. The tunnel took twenty-four years to complete and has a railway track inside. The digging alone required 3000 workers back in 1964.

Location: Japan

Constructed in: 1988

Distance: 53.85 KM

Tokyo Bay Aqua:

Credits: Augusto Navarro

Connecting two cities, the Tokyo Bay Aqua is a bridge tunnel. Surrounded by water from all sides, the tunnel instantly attracts people who pass by near roads. It plays a vital role in the transportation of goods and supports the economy of the country.

Location: Japan

Constructed in: 1997

Distance: 23.7 KM

Distinctive Tunnels Around the World:

Sagano Bamboo Forest Tunnel:

15 Exquisite and Thrilling Tunnels Around the World
Credits; Zoltan

A tunnel comprising several bamboo trees in Japan gives the people, passing through it, a feeling of freshness and peace.

Tunnel of Love:

Credits: Duong Huru

Situated in Ukraine, the tunnel of love is famous for having couples on their honeymoon. Previously a train tunnel covered with beautiful trees is now; known to grant the couple’s wishes.

Ice Cave Tunnel:

15 Exquisite and Thrilling Tunnels Around the World
Credits: Casey Horner

Considered a secret gem of Iceland, The Langjokull Glacier gives the world one of the largest artificial ice caves. The tour of the beautiful glacier is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to take pictures and create memories.

Tunnel Log:

Credits: Josh Hild

When a giant tree fell blocking the road, the construction workers carved a passageway to keep the traffic moving. The place soon attracted people for its uniqueness and for providing a spot for pictures. The driveway tunnel is now a widely visited place on Crescent Meadow Road.

Zhongnanshan Tunnel:

Credits: Kehn Hermano

The two-tube tunnel is in China. The tunnel has an advanced lighting system fixed in it that helps relax the driver’s eyes. It is an excellent distraction for people coming from a long, tiring journey.

Confining travelling to tourism alone is wrong; it has a lot more to offer, such as; taking a deep look at the historical value of the places and the raw beauty of nature. We should not overlook the tunnels of the world as a form of travelling alone people should explore their significance and history while passing by one.

Article by: Maryam Nadeem

Edited and Managed by: Javeria Qadeer

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