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Cybersecurity: Value and Cost


Cybersecurity: Value and Cost

Cybersecurity is the combination of technologies to protect digital organizations from digital attacks. In fact, it is a system of highly advanced programs, built to save digital systems. Additionally, these systems may be smartphones or Microsoft. They all face the same threat of attacks 24/7 indeed. This article tells you about Cybersecurity: Value and Cost.

Cybersecurity: Value and Cost

Why cybersecurity is important

The first part of Cybersecurity: Value and Cost is discussed below. Hackers design attacks to enter the system to access information. Hence, this may cause a loss in usual business activity. Of course, this is the point where the role of cybersecurity enters. It has now truly become a necessity to implement effective cybersecurity. Consequently, every day the number of devices is increasing, and attacks are becoming advanced. However, effective cybersecurity has a layered defense system. It provides safety to sensitive networks.

Most of the companies don’t wait for the attack. They rather prepare systems for the threat. Therefore, to understand the service, let’s understand the securities available.

Cybersecurity: Value and Cost

Different Cybersecurity

We can categorize cybersecurity as:

Network security

As the name suggests, it provides safety to computer networks from hackers.

Application security

It handles computer systems, especially phones save from faulty apps. We download apps daily, unaware of the problem we can face. Hardware and software companies provide application security to minimize this threat.

Operational security

Operational security provides safety to all processes that protect the data assets. The users who have access to this data have to go through the system’s security checks.

Information security

It provides systemic protection to the consistency and confidentiality of data, both in storage and in transferring.

Cybersecurity: An ever-evolving beast

Cybersecurity is a difficult branch of IT. A hacker has to be correct only once, but the system has to be successful all the time. Researches show that in 2018 around 30 million cyber-attacks got recorded specifically. In 2020 this rate increased to an attack per 39 seconds or 2244 times a day. The attack may directly cost you the repairs for breach damage. Indirectly, one may have to suffer from losing customers. The ever-growing cyber-attacks have increased the value of a security by a thousand folds.

Cybersecurity: Value and Cost

If you are just a mobile user or own a single system, may fall victim to such an attack. Most likely, you’ll lose your money. moreover, they can also use your system as a pivotal point to further attacks. You don’t know, but some terrorist organization is using your system. How to keep yourself safe?

Save yourself from cyberattacks

  1. Stay vigilant yourself.
  2. Updating systems regularly.
  3. Keeping strong passwords.
  4. Installing good security programs, and antiviruses, offering excellent protection.
  5. Not entertaining emails from unknown senders.
  6. Avoiding clicking on links in emails from unidentified senders or suspicious websites, and last,
  7. Avoid using public or unsecured networks.

Now if you are an organization, security becomes more vulnerable. Because of the high number of users, the breach is likely to take place. Here is where cybersecurity companies come into the picture. The security company provides technologies to tackle this problem.

It may be a People-centric Cybersecurity that educates how one can identify attacks and defend systems. Furthermore, many offer custom design technology to guard the systems. It includes next-generation firewalls, DNS filtering, malware protection, antivirus software, and email security solutions.

They give user education utmost importance. It is going to be a person to introduce an attacker into the system. Anyone can unintentionally install malware. Thus, introduce a virus in a secure system. The companies educate Users to delete suspicious email attachments. They also advise avoiding the plugin of unknown USB drives, and many other key lessons to keep a company’s security.

Is cybersecurity expensive?

The second part of cybersecurity: Value and Cost is the cost of cybersecurity. What is the cost of cybersecurity? With everyone considering a security plan, it has become a top priority. Many consider it expensive and an extra burden. But in today’s world, many consider it a necessity to combat the ever-growing threat of cyberattacks.

According to the researches, every organization needs to spend 7% to 10% on cybersecurity. However, other researches show that cybersecurity cost about $3 to $5 per user. But most of the time, it depends on the organization. There are many factors to consider for budgeting cybersecurity. For example, protection of data, customer and stakeholder interest, and agreements affecting your company.

The cost of a tailored cybersecurity plan depends upon the organization. The security provider company often helps structure the most efficient and lowest cost plan. This even helps to plan and protect against future attacks. Cybersecurity is not a one-time project. It is an ongoing battle with the ever-developing beast of cyber-attacks. An inclusive cybersecurity program may not be too expensive, but it must be a top priority.

It is necessary to point out that the cybersecurity plan expenses can spread over time in a tailored plan. In fact, it is not a permanent solution. The companies have to keep up with the pace of ever-growing threats. Cybersecurity is not a choice anymore. It has become a “must-have” to all businesses, however small or large. We can clearly understand the importance of Cybersecurity: Value and Cost now.

Stay vigilant yourself

No one can assure 100% protection. A company can work hard towards protection. It can install a multi-layer, active cybersecurity program. By training the staff to stay updated on ways to tackle and repair the breach. The most important thing is peace of mind by knowing that your company is secure. Thus, the cost of a cyber-security plan is an investment. This investment ensures the credibility of the company. This was all about Cybersecurity: Value and Cost.

Written By Afsheen Mujtaba



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