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Machine Learning – What Makes it so Different in Technology?

Machine Learning - What Makes it so Different in Technology?
Machine Learning

Machine Learning – What Makes it so Different in Technology?

Do you remember the movie “Terminator”? A film that was ahead of its time and was based on robots. Many people liked it because of its fictitious idea. No one ever thought that there would be a time where machines will be intelligent. The devices will be programmed so that they will be able to take effective and efficient decisions. However, it is not fictitious anymore.

Today, we are witnessing it in the form of Artificial intelligence and Machine learning.

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In this era, data is literally “everything” in the world of technology. Machines have evolved aggressively to be much more mature and independent. Nowadays, machines are learning from the experiences and feedback from the users. These machines are continuously improving themselves due to their constant learning. In addition to this, a whole domain, “Machine learning”, has been introduced for their betterment.

What Is Machine Learning?

Machine learning is a domain where the machines are trained are turned into models. These machines take data as an input and process the data through their algorithm. These machines try to understand a typical pattern behind this data. Firstly, they try to analyse the data through their algorithms.

Secondly, they extract useful features from it to make a pattern. After that, they learn the outcome and train themselves. Furthermore, these models make themselves capable of predicting or making decisions when similar situations are asked as input.

The data is directly proportional to accurate results. That means more data will give you more effective results.

Sounds exciting but Challenging, Doesn’t it?

Well, think of it as a training of a child. Suppose if you have to teach a child the difference between a football and a basketball. The balls will act as an input for the child, and they will learn by analysing them. Maybe, a child will study the features such as the colour of the ball, design, weight etc.

It is how a child will process it and will learn about the differences. Moreover, once the child has known about it, he will be able to distinguish between them. Therefore, based on its understanding and the efficient training session, a child will predict and give the correct answer.

Is Machine Learning Useful?

It is a big YES! Machine learning is helpful because of so many reasons. It has a wide range of applications, and they belong to various fields of life. Machine learning also has many different types, which makes it more valuable. Supervised learning, Unsupervised learning, reinforcement learning and others make it much more unique.

Application Of Machine Learning In Our Daily Lives:

As I have mentioned earlier, machine learning has a wide range of applications. We can prepare models that will help us detect tumours or cancer based on human medical reports. Furthermore, we can see facial recognition of a person with the help of these models. We can use it for online customer support, chatbots, social media services.

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