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The Connection of Galaxy called Internet.


Creation of the Internet

A few centuries back from the start we humans were just living by ourselves. Eating, talking, and sleeping although we still have the interest to know which helps us to make a tool for communication which we call the internet. According to the little oxford dictionary 8th edition, the word internet means “International information network linking computers” in simple words internet is a tool for exchanging information without moving physically.

For knowing the history of the internet we have to rewind back to the era of 1950 where electronic computers were invented. In October of 1969 four leading Universities named University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), Stanford Research Institute (SRI), University of California Santa Barbara (UCSB), and the University of Utah started working on a project named advanced research project agency network (ARPANET) creating the first connection between computers.

At the start, ARPANET was controlled by the US military whom they released in 1984 and ARPANET began to merge with the national science foundation network (NSFNET) and form what we call now the internet.

At first, the internet was named as internetworking but to shorten it researchers used the word internet which is now more shortened and we call it net. Internet works with the help of different protocols like TCP (transmission control protocol) and IP (internet protocol). These protocols are basically the heart of the internet which helps things connect.

Website and Internet


Ever heard people saying I’ll Goggle it? Well Google, that’s web and internet, is a source through which you use Google the web.

Just like Google, there are different sites that now help to gain, give information, or helps in communication.

Some of the most popular sites around the globe are:

Internet at Past and at Present

The huge change of internet which we can see is; At the start, it was used just by people at higher level and now it’s so easy to access that even a baby won’t sleep until he/she sees a cartoon on YouTube.

Starting from email, in 1971 the first email was sent with just two words in it and after that system crashed and now 204 million messages are sent daily per minute.

Around 1993 there were 130 websites and in 2012 it reached 634 Million.

In 1998 Google’s first official year 3.6 Million searches were made annually and now 3 Billion searches are made per day making it 1.2 trillion annually which leads to Google being on the number one worldwide website.

Now after the inventions of smartphones which connect us to the internet wireless made us bond to the world more easily. In 2013 mobile subscribers of internet webs reached 6.8 Billion.


How to Use the Internet:

Entering the world of the internet is very simple. At first, you have to install an internet connection in your home from your area network provider, and with the help of any electronic device (that is a laptop, computer, tablet, notepad, or smartphones) you can start using it but as there are so many sites you have to decide for what purpose you are using the internet at that time?

Mostly Google is on top if you want to look for any educational or informational things. Even this blog is written with the help of Google provided information. Although there are a lot of sites we can use for information such as Yahoo, Bing, etc.

For communication or as we call social networking purpose there are many websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Email, Gmail, Messenger, Viber, WhatsApp, etc.

For entertainment purposes, there are a lot of materials on YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, etc.

Just select your purpose and with some easy clicks, you will be able to use the internet.

The Shady Part of the Internet:

Where there is good there is bad. Same goes with internet.
Do you know internet have layers?
Well internets have 3 layers.

Clear Web
Deep Web
Dark web.

The Clear Web contains clean sites which we use like news websites blogs, search engines, video sites or social sites.

Deep Web is the second layer of the internet which may not be assessable to us as it contains hospital record information of companies your credit card information which you put for buying online.

Dark Web, is what the last layer is called. This is the most dangerous layer as the users who access here are maximum hackers. With the help of a few protocols, they are able to hide their real identity and location. All the illegal works (like hiring a hitman, buying and selling personal information, drug dealings pornography, getting fake identities) are done on the dark web.

People like us who try to access this web just for fun are also at a huge risk for letting their devices being hacked as they are an open gate to access.

Closing Prose for the Internet:

I asked people I know about what they think of the internet one said.

“A huge library of information from millions of sites in just one click you can find new worlds and have billions of knowledge and social interaction. It’s a whole world over your fingertips” said Faiza, content Manager.

Another lady named Falak Naz from NED University’s MPhil Student said:

“Internet is a widely used tool in the modern world. We can find information, Latest news, connects to people who are far away and you can even get educated through online classes. The Internet makes the world smaller and people closer.

For me, the internet is the backbone of human life. People who are busy and have so less time for themselves; the internet makes their life easier as they can shop, pay bills and do a lot more but I think as the internet is easily assessable and personal information is being sent and receive (like your pictures, credit card information, your portfolios for jobs, your chats, etc) it’s making the third party have more to Blackmail you or harm you so the more internet is good and easy the worse it comes with. That’s why the use of the internet should be less and humans should prefer doing works which they can do physically although the depending on the internet for any work is so high that we cannot escape from the bad it comes with.

what are your views on it?


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