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Finland – 10 Lessons To Learn From the Happiest Nation


Finland – 10 Lessons Countries Can Learn From the Happiest Nation in the World:

The United Nations World Happiness Report, once again, declares Finland as the Happiest Country in the world in 2021. It comes as no surprise that the Nordic country has won the race against hundreds of other nations for the fourth time in a row. The Finns took over the title from Denmark, another European country.

Having a population of 5.5 million people, Finland is a living example of how inner happiness and peace are more important than the exaggerated laughs and smiles people display to show off their delight. Below are 10 lessons that countries can and should learn from the people of Finland.

10 Lessons from the Happiest Country in the World:

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Finland is a small country and is not the most powerful one either, yet the country has a lot more to offer than the world’s big, developed and powerful countries. The moral value and experiences learned from Finland are:

Free Education for All:

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The country provides free education to all its citizens, that too equally. From birth till the last degree of a student, the government takes care of all the educational expenses. It solely depends on the child how much they want to study.

There are very few private schools around the country. However, students prefer going to government institutes since they provide better facilities. Free and equal education is crucial in building or breaking nations. Countries should work on educating all their citizens without any discrimination. This way, a country can prosper.

Providing Home for All Citizens:

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Finns widely follow a Finish philosophy, “Sisu,” which means ‘stoic determination.’ The country’s government recently introduced a policy for the homeless people where they end the homelessness from the country by giving the poor a place to stay that will turn to their own homes in the future. With the constant efforts of the stakeholders, the state now has the lowest number of homeless people globally.

People sleeping on streets under open skies impose a negative image of a country, no matter how developed it is. A fundamental need of a human being is a shelter to sleep under, and nations should make sure they arrange that for all their citizens.

Equal Rights of Women:

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Finland, in 1906, became the first country in Europe to give women the right to vote. The state has progressed a lot over the years, mainly because they gave women equal rights as men. The pay difference between a man and a woman does not exist in Finland. Both get equal opportunities, pay, and leaves.

Sanna Marin is currently leading the country as a Prime Minister at the age of 35. The survey proves, around the globe, women make better decisions than men. Once in power, they take care of everything and provide all necessary benefits to their societies.

Keep the Nature Clean:


Finland has one of the cleanest airs around the world. Finns not only know how to appreciate natural beauty, but they also know how to take care of it. The country has several natural sightings that also attract tourists internationally. The natural places include gigantic seas, lush green forests, stunning national parks, and various islands.

Nature is therapeutic and can make people feel less stressed, reducing their tensions and anxieties. The tap water supplied nationally comes directly from the lakes, proving how clean it is. The government and people keep the streets and parks clean. A clean place where the public spends most of their time automatically improves the mood of the people. Governments should keep the cleanliness of their country in check.

Respectable and Reputable Governance:

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Finland – 10 Lessons To Learn From the Happiest Nation: The world knows Finland as a corruption-free state. The government provides enough social security support to its public that leaves no space for complaints. The government also takes up challenges such as digitalising most of the significant tasks.

Now the Finns do not have to leave their homes for official work and stand in lines for hours waiting for their turn. All countries should stay up to date with the latest technologies. The Tech industry helps people and nations grow and should utilise it as much as possible.

Low Crime Rate of the Country:

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The crime rate in Finland is nominal compared to other countries. People can walk free at night and not just men but women too, without worrying about wrongdoings. Finnish people stay out late at night and are stress-free while doing so.

A high crime rate decreases the trust of people in their government. The judicial system needs to take action against the injustices to build a good relationship between the government and the public.

Freedom of Thought, Action, and Speech:

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After everything the government does for its people, they do not take away their freedom. Finns can think and carry out their lives according to their will and wish. Their workplace does not ask them to work overtime as overworking is harshly discouraged in the state, building a healthy working environment.

Finland – 10 Lessons To Learn From the Happiest Nation. Freedom is one of the necessities required to live a happy life. Countries should let their people choose what is good for them and what they should ignore.

Punctuality and Importance of Time:

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One reason for the happiness of the country is that everything happens on time. People do not have to wait for long periods for things to happen. Busses, trains, deliveries all arrive on time. Events start and end on time.

There is no wastage of time when it comes to the country. Each minute gets put to use rightly. The efficiency and hard work of a country are determined by how on-time things happen there.

Humble and Honest People:

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Finns are famous for their humbleness and honesty. These people dislike poking their noses in others’ work. They stay intact with what they do. Travellers may not see Finnish people laughing on the streets and, tourists even label them as rude sometimes. That is because they have inner peace, which is more important than showing their happiness off.

They do not like to talk a lot in public spaces because they believe they might disturb others around them. Appreciating kindness and following it is the trait of a good nation. Countries should follow the simple lifestyle of the Finns and learn how to acquire internal peace.

Reliable and Free Healthcare:


The healthcare system of the country is free and equal for all. The locals get the best and effective health system that assistances them in staying fit and strong. Healthcare is an essential requirement of a person, and the government should take care of it.

The country is famous for a lot more things than mentioned above. The lessons taught by the country can help other nations improve and grow into happier countries around the world. Nations and governments should learn and work towards putting these teachings into action.

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