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Kalash Valley: A place of countless wonders


The isolated Kalash Valley ( a place of countless wonders) comprises three distinct valleys. It is also known as Kalasha Valley. It lies very deep in the mountains along the Pakistan-Afghan border. Additionally, the people who live here are also said to be Kalash people. The Kalasha are said to be the descendants of Alexander the Great’s military. In fact, they are very distinct from the other Pakistani people. The areas of Kalash can be reached by Lawari Pass and Shandur Pass from Peshawar and Gilgit.

Kalash Valley: A place of countless wonders

It would be best if you determine which of the three Valleys of Kalash you wish to explore. Then you can go. The three valleys of Kalash valley: a place of countless wonders are.

Kalash Valley: A place of countless wonders


Kalash Valley: A place of countless wonders

Bumburet is the most advanced and famous valley for domestic and international visitors. We can also say that it is the most famous region in the Kalash valley. It is 5,380 ft. high from sea level. The population of Kalash people is decreasing. Only 37 houses are present for these people in this valley.


There are many small villages located in Rumbur. They are less established but famous among international visitors. Moreover, most people who are residing here are Kalash. It is 5,480 ft. high from sea level. Kalash people mostly live here. Fewer domestic and international visitors explore this place.


Kalash Valley: A place of countless wonders

Now, here comes the third valley name Birir. It is a less established and less explored part of Kalash Valley. Birir is 3,600 ft. high from sea level. It is also less populated by tourists. Finally, if you want to explore the rich culture of the Kalash people. Birir is the perfect place for you.

Thus, if you want to meet more Kalash people. Then you should go to Rumbur and Birir valley for a peaceful environment. In contrast, Bumburet has become a more commercialized place. Therefore, there you see a lot of international visitors as discussed earlier. The population of Kalash people in this region is not so high.

People of Kalash

The Kalash people are not Muslims, as mentioned above. Their peculiar cultures and practices are a few years older than Islam. However, some scientists feel that their faith may be related to ancient Hinduism. They are better represented as animist people.

Their specific culture is sadly declining. Many people who were not Kalash began to dwell in the valleys. Currently, around 50% of Kalash residents have converted to Islam. The main reasons are financial difficulties, marital impediments, and culture. Many Muslims even disagree with the local customs and culture of the Kalash people.

Fortunately, many of the Kalash people are working to preserve their culture. Several Kalash festivals are honoring and exhibiting the Kalasha community. People still wear the traditional outfit there. If you intend to attend one of these festivals. Then please scope out Kalasha Valleys for responsible tourism.

The Kalash people have a great heritage and have a strong identity. These individuals stand out among others. This is because of their different and unique cultures, religious traditions. It also includes events from Pakistan’s remaining tribes, cultures, and societies. Kalash Valley is known for its serene, beautiful green valleys and fruit-growing farms. This is the reason making it an excellent place to visit. It is known not only for its landscape but also for its cultural beauty and heritage places.

Sadly, Nothing has been planned to improve the region further and spend it in the tourism sector. On many levels, the Kalash valley faces discrimination. It may be due to economic growth or acknowledgment as an independent religious group.

By Muhammad Raza



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