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Northern Pakistan – Take A Memorable Tour


Northern Pakistan – Take A Memorable Tour:

Pakistan has the world’s most beautiful places to visit, especially in its northern region. The country is famous worldwide because of the beautiful mountain ranges, green valleys, mesmerising lakes, and unique wildlife on the Northern side. Most importantly, a land blessed with nature’s beauty and majestic mountains. Let’s take a memorable tour of the scenic landscapes in Northern Pakistan.

Skardu Airport:

It is a domestic civil airport in Skardu, Gilgit Baltistan. Huge black mountains add more beauty to this airport. Firstly, Islamabad-Skardu, the most incredible flight in the world. An adventurous 40 minutes plane ride. Secondly, after few minutes, the beautiful mountain ranges of Karakoram, Hindukush, and the Himalayas located in northern Pakistan will fascinate you.

Skardu City:

Skardu, the capital of Gilgit Baltistan, is 2,438 meters above sea level in the surrounding of the great peaks of the Karakorams. It is also one of the best destinations in the world, located in extreme northern Pakistan. So, If you ever think of visiting this place, I will suggest you book “TIBET MOTEL” as it is budget-friendly. This hotel is right in front of SHANGRILA RESORT and only 30 minutes drive from the Skardu airport. Most importantly, The hotel presents you with the beauty of the lake and scenic mountains.

Shangrilla Resort, Paradise in Northern Pakistan:

It is also known as HEAVEN ON EARTH. Due to its stunning beauty and breathtaking view, located in front of the TIBET MOTEL. Shangrila Resort Hotel was founded by the late Muhammad Aslam Khan, the first commander of the Northern Scouts of the Pakistan army. The resort is built along Lower Katchura Lake. As a guest of Shangrila Resort Hotel, you’ll find barbecue grills, a garden, and a picnic area.

Manthoka Waterfall:

This place is a 2-hour drive from Skardu city. Manthoka waterfall is almost 180ft high from the ground. Also, it is one of the well-known tourist attractions of Kharmang valley in northern Pakistan. The waterfall is stunning, and it’s pretty scenic too, with a river flowing beside it. Besides the waterfall, there is an open space resort called MANTHOKA WATERFALL RESORT. It serves some freshly cooked Trout fish and Fries. Tourists usually spend 2-3 hours here and enjoy their meal in front of the mesmerising waterfall.

Northern Pakistan
Manthoka Waterfall

Upper Katchura Lake:

Upper Kachura Lake is of clear water and has a depth of 70 meters (230 ft). The peaceful lake is a 20 minutes drive from Shangrilla resort.  After the drive, you do a small hike (about 15 mins depending on your speed ), which is quite a different experience on its own. Boat service is also available if you want to explore this lake. Black-brown mountains all around add more beauty to this place. It is one of the best places to visit in northern Pakistan.

Northern Pakistan

Sarfaranga Desert, Skardu:

The beautiful cold desert of Pakistan is located at the height of 7,500ft. Furthermore, world’s highest desert. High altitude and cold region, gives a unique experience. Did you ever visit such a place in Pakistan with snow, waterfall, and mountain ranges under one city? NO! Then Skardu is the one. Besides, The dunes located in the Sarfaranga desert are a wonderful creation of Allah, which changes its shape according to the wind directions. This place is also a must-visit on your trip to northern Pakistan.

Katpanah Desert, Skardu:

This dessert is also known as Biama Nakpo, located in Skardu. It’s a high desert on top of the mountains located in northern Pakistan. It would not be wrong to say that Allah has blessed this wonder only to Pakistan. Blackish-grey rocky mountains and bushes surround the desert. Further, the stunning cold desert has frigid nights and sandy views that insist the travellers visit it. The scenery is so mesmerising that you will love to see this place again and again.

Astore Valley:

Astore, a valley 120 km long with 5,000 sq km, is located in northern Pakistan, in Gilgit-Baltistan state. Moreover, Rama Lake is a beautiful point in Astore valley. The beautiful sight where visitors can hike up the Siachen Glacier.

Deosai Plains, Highest Plateaus in Northern Pakistan:

Deosai is considered the second-highest plateaus in the world. These plains are at the height of 13,700ft above sea level in northern Pakistan. Roads are bumpy and uneven. High mountains on one side and a river flowing on the other side are enough to disrupt the heartbeat of the first-time traveller. Sheosar lake is the most alluring point at Deosai. Deep blue water and mountains all around will give you a spectacular view.

Ramma Lake:

Ramma Lake is situated in the Astore valley. This lake is at an elevation of 3.507m (11,505ft) above sea level. It is located on the eastern slopes of the Nanga Parbat.  A 30 minutes trek from the Ramma forest as the road is uneven. It’s exhausting and adventurous, but the first glance at Nanga Parbat, the 9th highest mountain peak in the world, all covered with snow, will create a strange sensation.

Northern Pakistan

Naltar Valley, Fairy Land of Northern Pakistan:

Naltar is about 34 kilometres from Gilgit and can be reached by jeeps. The valley is also famous for the three lakes, i.e., are Strangi lake, Blue Lake, and Bodlok lake. Dense pine forests surround the lake.  Unfortunately, it’s almost impossible to reach these lakes with any vehicles during winter due to heavy snow. It is believed that Naltar is the oldest ski resort in northern Pakistan. However, it is relatively less known and less developed than the Malam Jabba ski resort.

Northern Pakistan

Rakaposhi, Nagar:

The Rakaposhi mountain is a 7,788 m high mountain in the Karakoram mountain range. It’s just an hour’s drive from Hunza. Rakaposhi means “snow-covered” because you can see the remarkable rise of its snow-covered peaks from the Karakoram Highway route that goes through Nagar Valley. 27th highest mountain on Earth but is known as one of the most beautiful ones.

Northern Pakistan

Baltit Fort, Hunza:

This 800 years old fort, made up of wood and stone structure, is located in the Hunza valley. Most importantly, It’s a historic place in Hunza. Hike for about 15 minutes to reach the fort, on your way there are beautiful cultural shops. The terrace of this fort gives you an eye-catching view of the whole Hunza city. Whenever anyone visits Hunza, it a must-visit to Baltit Fort Hunza. The beautiful structure and landscape views from the windows of Fort will fascinate you.

Northern Pakistan

Hussaini Suspension Bridge:

The world’s most dangerous bridge is 660 feet long and has 472 wooden planks is located in northern Pakistan’s region called Upper Gojal, Hunza. It is at least 50 feet above the river bed, and the maximum height is about 100 feet. However, I would suggest you visit, but I won’t mean you cross it. The river flowing under the bridge will give you a terrifying view.

Northern Pakistan

Passu Cones, Golden Peaks In Northern Pakistan:

Great golden mountain peaks, pyramidal shaped, are called PASSU CONES. These peaks are alluring. Hussaini bridge that gives you goosebumps as soon as you see the great Passu cones in the front will create a majestic feeling. I swear!

Northern Pakistan

Attabad Lake, Beauty In Tragedy:

The “disaster Lake” because was formed in JANUARY 2010 as a result of a natural disaster. Now, it’s the prime tourist attraction point where you can go for boating, jet skis, and other water sports. Clear blue water surrounded by Karakoram ranges will make you feel like you’re living a poet’s dream. Moreover, this Mysterious lake is a must-visit in northern Pakistan.

Northern Pakistan

Khunjerab Pass, Highest border in the world:

It is the Pakistan-China border. Also, the highest border in the world.  Drive for 2-3hours from Sost valley, Gilgit, to reach here. The border is located in the Karakoram ranges so. You can quickly get here by Karakoram Highway, considered the 8th wonder of the world. Also, the snowy-capped mountains and continuous scenery will make you visit this place again and again.

Northern Pakistan

Finally, in the end, I will suggest you at least visit these places in Northern Pakistan once in your life. However, you can live a pretty comfortable life while being in the home. But as soon you will travel to these areas, you’ll find that the absolute peace of mind lies in these beautiful mountain ranges and deep blue lakes.

Pakistan is blessed with the best of all scenic views. Every year, many international tourists visit these places. Travel through the area is difficult and dangerous, although the government will develop certain areas into tourist and trekking sites. Natural landscapes and the beauty of northern Pakistan are so beautiful that it attracts people in summers and winters.

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