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Saman Hayat : An Inspiration For Women


Saman Hayat Soomro is a social media influencer, travel enthusiast, dentist by profession, and also an amazing content creator. She is properly known for her vlogs and videos. People look up to her for some unique content and traveling tips. Young females look forward to Saman Hayat gaining the confidence to travel solo. With nearly 65k followers on Instagram and 20k subscribers on her youtube channel, Saman Hayat is an inspiration for young girls and future content creators. Here is a small and quick interview of Saman Hayat, in which she has beautifully answered all those questions that people wants to know about her.

saman hayat

Q1. What made you chose dentistry as a profession?

Saman Hayat: So. I didn’t choose dentistry as a profession. I wanted to become an MBBS doctor but unfortunately, I didn’t get into my dream university. That’s why my father convinced me to do BDS so I did. Therefore, dentistry was not my choice.

Q2. What are your thoughts on women being financially independent?

 Saman Hayat: YES! I talk a lot about this on my platform. I really encourage people to become financially independent especially women. When I look at people around me, some women are non-educated. divorced or separated. They suffer a lot mainly because of a lack of education. I always tell people ” TO BE ENOUGH FOR THEMSELVES “. Secondly, in Pakistan people really think that husbands should earn more which according to me is completely wrong. Women should also be financially independent so that they can support themselves as you never know what the future may bring.

Q3. What are the pros and cons of women traveling alone?

Saman Hayat: Firstly, I want to discuss the CONS:

  • People do not like or appreciate girls traveling alone.
  • People will also judge you as if you’re doing something wrong.
  • Safety concerns.
  • You take a stand for yourself and for your freedom because you tend to explore yourself when you travel solo. ( Not a con from my side, but our society doesn’t accept it)


  • You grow.
  • You become more mature.
  • You understand things much better.
  • You do not rely upon anybody else.
  • Most importantly, you gain confidence.
  • You feel that you are enough for yourself.
  • You become responsible.
  • You become strong as a person.

Q4. How do you manage your profession and online career together?

Saman Hayat: Honestly speaking, I always worked because I don’t like taking money from my parents. When I was in 7th grade I used to give tuitions because I always to become self-made. I started my career with an online platform “parhlo”. During my final year of BDS, I took a break so that I can concentrate more on my studies. Dentistry is a part-time job for me. I go to clinics and I can also take an off whenever I want. In short, I take breaks and that’s how I manage online career and dentistry together.

Inshallah, I am planning to do a master’s in the future. I hope it will go well with my online career.

Q5. What sort of criticism did you face as a content creator?

Saman Hayat: Oh a lot of criticism, People have the right to say whatever they want when you are a social media influencer. Society criticized me for being myself, they think that I am way too broad-minded that I travel alone, I am also financially independent. Out of all this, I try to remember only the positive things that’s why I came this far maybe.

Q6.  What’s your most favorite destination you’ve visited up till now and why?

Saman Hayat: Every destination has its own charm. So that’s why choosing one out of all is very difficult for me. Most importantly, I love all destinations in their own way because I love exploring new places. However, Istanbul is one of my most favorite destination.

Q7. Any advice you would like to give to the youth?

Saman Hayat: The advice that I usually give to the youth is STUDY. EDUCATION IS REALLY VERY IMPORTANT. First, complete your studies, get a degree and after that do another career whatever you like. Social media is for fun and amazing content. As social media life is very short-lived. New people come in and you might get replaced. You should always have a side career to look forward to.


In the end, Saman Hayat’s Instagram bio says ” Inspiring women to be self-sufficient, independent and to travel solo.” This means Saman Hayat believes in the physical and emotional independence of women and motivates the youth as well as the adult females.

We wish Saman good luck for the future. We are so thankful that you cooperated with us and answered all our questions so beautifully.


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