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Everything You Need to Know About a Train Journey

Train Journey
Credits: Mark Plotz

Everything You Need to Know About a Train Journey

Written by: Mariam Nadeem

Train Journey

(Credits: Mark Plotz)

From Before Sunrise to Harry Potter, numerous majestic movies have centered on rail journeys. One thing common between these films is the new unforgettable relations formed on the train that lasts for eternity. As the passengers make their way out of the crowded railway stations, looking for the right platforms, searching for their trains among the several ones waiting to board passengers, they encounter an adventurous experience worth remembering and telling. Looking out of the window; once seated, the train provides; magical scenes and comfortable seats, that other forms of travel may not deliver. Railways give the advantage of both short and long journeys on a train that has several rail cars attached together. To discover everything about a train journey, here’s a comprehensive guide:


Reasons to Travel through a Train 

Train journey

(Credits: Balazs Busznyak)

1- Trains have Bathrooms

Talking about the relaxing experience that the train provides: one reason they are at the top of the priority list is; they have built-in bathrooms for people who want to use them immediately while the train is moving.

2- Emergency Chain in a Train 

In case of an urgent situation, the train has a solution for most of the problems. Most of the trains come with a chain that stops the vehicle when pulled.

3- Train Provides a Comfortable and Efficient Journey 

A journey on a train gives a peaceful and comforting experience to its passengers as it has cubicles with beds where people can sleep calmly. Children are eager to ride a train as it lets them move freely with no restriction of sitting in one place for hours with a seatbelt.

4- Trains are Punctual

Trains are mostly on schedule. They arrive and depart at the time mentioned on the tickets.

5- Some Trains Offer Discount 

While booking a ticket, always look for discounts. One of the reasons why people prefer traveling by train is that it offers several discounts to avail at different times.

6- Train is Environmental-friendly 

Global warming is an international issue. As people lookout for ways to tackle it, individuals can play their part by traveling through a train since it is eco-friendly as the carbon secreted through a train is 80% less than a car’s emission.

7- Train lets Passengers Carry Extra Baggage 

Unlike planes, trains let their passengers carry extra luggage. People also do not have to wait in lines for hours to get their belongings loaded on a train.


How to take a Train? 

Train journey

(Credits: Matteus Silva)

1- Search for the Best Train Route

Before booking a ticket, first, look for the route that takes lesser time and is more appropriate.

2- Book a Train Ticket in Advance 

Secondly, book a ticket for the desired train and route. The tickets can be bought both online and in person. A convenient way is to get the ticket online: it saves time from getting it from a ticket booth crowded with people. Keep the slip safe as the passenger has to provide it once the traveler is on the train.

3- Arrive before Time 

Always arrive before time. The trains are very punctual, and they mostly leave on time.

4- Keep Identification Documents Close 

Keep close the important identification documents such as the ID card and the train ticket because they check them at several points of a station.

5- Read the Departure Boards at Train Station

After arriving at the terminal, look at the signboards with instructions regarding the right platforms and trains. Study the boards and, if written in a foreign language, ask for help.

6- Put Luggage on Overhead Racks of the Train 

The luggage has its own place. Once on the train, put the bags on the overhead racks. Keep them close because in trains the passengers are responsible for their baggage.

7- Enjoy the Train Journey 

This time will not come back; make the best out of it.


What to do on a Train? 


(Credits: Sinitta Leunen)

1- Talk to same Cubical-Mates

Trains are a substantial form of traveling because they give people a chance to socialize. By sharing cubes with people never seen before, make new friends, and share stories of adventures.

2- Play Games on the Train 

The comfortable journey of the train lets people play games besides mesmerizing views they see.

3- Forms of Entertainment on a Train 

To spend time, people can watch movies on the gadgets they have with them or they can listen to some music that goes well with their rail journey.

4- Read something on a Train 

To increase productivity, some passengers spend their time reading. Reading is not just limited to novels; people can read about something informative, an article, or a news piece.

5- Take Pictures on a Train 

To make the trip memorable, people can capture grand and wonderful scenes through their cameras presented by; a train journey. Memories can sometimes fade, but pictures help remember all the beautiful moments lived.

6- Learn something new while on a Train 

The long train journeys are a golden chance for people who want to learn something new. There are limited options but instead of sleeping: passengers can learn new things.

7- Learn a New Language through Train Journey 

Traveling to a foreign country gives people a chance to learn a new language. A long train journey can help foreigners connect with the natives, increasing their possibility of learning a new language.


Helpful Tips for a Train Journey 

(Credits: SevenStorm)


1- Stay in Touch with the Train Superintendent 

When lost or have questions, always look for the train superintendent, since they help passengers look for their specific train and seats.

2- Keep a Small Bag of Valuables on Train

It is difficult to find the required documents through gigantic bags that people carry, so always bring a small handbag possessing all the valuable items.

3- Carry a Roll-up Travel Pillow or Blanket 

Passengers should carry their handy pillows and blankets because the train may provide a place to sleep, but not the other essentials.

4- Wear Comfortable Clothes on a Train 

The clothes worn on a journey can determine a person’s mood. Wear comfy clothes that lead to a comfortable trip. Even if someone wants to wear fancy clothes to the station, they can later change into relaxed attire that eases the rest of the journey.

5- Pay Attention to the Rail Announcements 

Train stations are all about the announcements. Always observe the announcements: as they mention the time of arrival and departure of the trains. These pieces of information are also important because they help spread awareness about the delayed trains.


Kinds of Trains around the World 

(Credits: Campbell)

  • High-speed Trains

(Credits: Ryan Miller)

High-speed rails are the fastest trains that travel about the speed of 200 km/h. These kinds of trains are mostly underground.

Intercity Trains 

(Credits: Luis Leon)

The intercity trains travel from one city to another and, mostly, cover a long distance. Tourists use these trains to visit other cities on their tour, or people travel for work or other things through these kinds of trains.

Regional Trains 

(Credits: Jeffrey Cruz)

A regional train travels from one region to another. These kinds of trains usually run on weekends when people travel to their hometowns after work.

Mass Rapid Transit

(Credits: David Dibert)

Found in urban cities: the public uses the rapid transits as local public transportation. People who take MRT prefer going on a train to and from work. It saves time and hassle.

Rail Freight 

(Credits: Markus Spiske)

Cargo trains get loaded with goods in bulk to ship them from one place to another.

A train journey is far more impressive than it may sound. Going through the dark tunnels, once the light reaches the window, people get to see splendid scenes: such as mountains with snow at the top, milky water flowing rapidly in valleys and lakes seen below as the train passes above them, and as the greenery approaches, animals are eating grass and drinking water never fail the passengers to admire the sights in front of their eyes. The sound of a train is intense; the experience is still, somehow, peaceful.

There are trains, railway stations, and tracks that age back to ancient times. The rail management tries to; preserve the original essence of the stations and train, but with a modern, comfortable touch. Some trains provide a royal experience while some get ruined by people who use them regularly. No matter what place they live in, people should travel by train at least once. The experience of a journey by train is distinctive. It is cheap, efficient, and relaxing that comes with beautiful sceneries and people.


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