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Influencing Through Motherhood – Blogger Aqsa Zunaib

Influencing Through Motherhood: Blogger Aqsa Zunaib

Influencing Through Motherhood – Blogger Aqsa Zunaib

Aqsa Zunaib, a mom blogger, shares her heartfelt journey of establishing a career in content creation, all while raising two beautiful children in the process. Aqsa shares her way of striking the right kind of balance between work and motherhood. The Boss mama blogs with the name crazymama_andco. The quote below sits well with this boss woman who seems to be influencing motherhood.

 “Our mothers always remain the strangest, craziest people we’ve ever met.” ― MARGUERITE DURAS

Influencing Through Motherhood: Blogger Aqsa Zunaib

What inspired you to opt for a career in blogging/influencing?

Thank you so much, The Hub Daily, for having me over on this mother’s day! It all started three years back when I was on my career break. I thought of initiating my blog. I tried researching and followed a lot of other bloggers. I believe in having a purpose in life and wanted to stay focused to make the most out of what I wanted to do. I started blogging on food and fitness initially. Later I began to do blogs on motherhood and lifestyle as my career in influencing started to take off.

Being a mom blogger and influencer, what are the pros and cons of it? If any mom inspires to become one, what would you suggest to her?

As far as pros are concerned, blogging is no more a part-time job. Content creation and execution of your ideas demand investing your heart and soul in it, so it’s more like a full-time job, but there is no denying that there is this sense of achievement at the end of the day as you start to gain followers and publicity. Also, when you put up your life on a public forum, you gradually build a special kind relationship with your audience that is worth the mile you walk.

As far as cons are concerned, I believe that striking the right kind of balance between your work and family is something that needs to be considered when opting for a career of this sort or any other. Secondly, building a blog requires attention side by side as you raise your baby. You should know what kind of content will grip the attention of your targeted audience. Awareness regarding the dynamics and insights of your blog is also necessary to create content accordingly. Also, avoid getting into a rat race for followers as slowly, but surely you will reach your goal.

Influencing Through Motherhood: Blogger Aqsa Zunaib

Our readers will love to know about your kids. Tell us about your little ones!

My little ones! Armineh is herself a vlogger and a YouTuber. She started since she was only four years old. She always was into YouTubing, and I felt maybe she wasn’t old enough, but she is eight years old now, and I wanted her to use all her energy towards constructive things. I recently got her to start a page on Facebook and youtube, The Book Unicorn. Since she is into books and is an avid reader, she reviews books and does many vlogs. She is liked many many people and is popular among bloggers.

Abdullah, my younger one, is six years old. He, like his mama, is very active and energetic! He likes to stay behind the scenes, but nowadays, he seems interested in video making.  My children enthusiastically take part in making styling videos with me, and they are good at directing them.

“My kids are my source of energy. Half of my blog is dedicated to them as suggested in the blog’s name itself. Crazy mama_andco”.

Lastly, any suggestions you want to convey to all the mothers on this mother’s day via our platform?

Yes, why not! My suggestion to all the mothers out there is that they please live a purpose-driven life! And direct all your energy towards it! Do not get distracted from your objective by any obstacle that comes your way!

Believe in yourself and you will make it! Happy Mother’s Day!

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